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2010 Relax Euro Turbo frog

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Model 204-41 click to view Model 204-40 click to view Model 204-21 click to view Model 204-18 click to view Model 204-29 click to view Model 201-17 click to view Model 204-37 click to view Model 204-01 click to view Model 6339 click to view Model 6423 click to view Model 6393 click to view Model 6327 click to view Model 6229 click to view

Bentley Fishing USA, an Expodex Corporation, sport-fishing tackle manufacturer and distributor. Developer of award winning bobbers, floats, spinners, spoons, crank baits, custom ice fishing and pan fishing jigs, soft plastic lures and purpose-built fishing accessories.

Click here to view new Micro-Panfishing Tarantula Jigs

New Baby Tarantula Jigs are here!!
We are committed to presenting Bentley Fishing as a leader in professional fishing tackle manufacturing. To that end, we are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned panfishing jigs, Micro-panfishing Tarantula jigs. Available in two distinct colors:  Pure Gold & Dark Nickel.

Click here to explore NEW baby Tarantula Jigs Discover New Baby Spiders ( Tarantula Jigs )

High – end custom jigs featuring razor sharp hooks manufactured in Japan by Gamagatsu, encased with pure military – grade Russian tungsten, finished with high visibility pigments and tipped with original genuine Swarovski crystals for phenomenal fish attracting action. Panfishing season starts now – get ready to fish waters of North America and Canada. Now is the time to use Bentley Fishing jigs with our wide selection of slip slide jigging floats and bobbers. desispecifically for bobber jigging.
Click here to discover new fishing bobber 204-08 Discover Bentley custom fishing jigs. 

NEW COLORS for 2011 - click on image to explore

204-01 - New Look for 2011 / 2012 -click on image for more info 204-01-070 - .25 oz Designed for Perch fishing / $3.25 - click on image to explore 204-01-150 .53oz Walleye fishing slip bobber / $3.49 click on image to explore 204-01-200 .71oz - 8 1/2 in long - large slip slide designed for Pike fishing / $ 3.79 click on image to order


Best Bobbers-Best in Class- Best in Performance-Best in North America.
Custom hand crafted slip bobbers designed for perch, walleye and pike fishing.
New look for 2011 / 2012 fishing season.

Model #204-01-070 Designed for Crappie, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and (or) Walleye fishing.

Model # 204-01-150 Designed for Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Walleye and (or) Northern Pike fishing.

Model # 204-01-200 Designed for Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Walleye and (or) Northern Pike fishing. Recommended for Big Game fishing.

click here to order Discover Slide Slip bobbers ( Model 204-01 )

Highly acclaimed Bentley G-Hoppers are here! See how we continue panfishing revolution in North America!!

G-Hoppers - click here to discover new BFUSA panfishing jigs.

Click here to discover G-Hopper Jgs Discover New Tungsten Jigs from BFUSA.

Coming Soon! New product from Bentley Fishing.
TI-22 & TI-81 TITANIUM PRO-SERIES Polarized and Polarized HD (High-Definition) Fishing Glasses. The new standard in professional sport fishing eyeware. First Sport Fishing Eyewear in the World produced with PVD Technology. PVD system is an exclusive galvanization system introduced by LIW Lewant Poland. Thermo fuses Titanium + super elastic surgical steel.
Acid Free galvanization – safe for environment – 100 % anti- allergic.
Certified By CERTOTTICA – an Italian Certification Institute for optical products.
This product fully complies with ENV 14027 & EN 1811 rules.Titanium - Sport Fishing Glasses

New Side Slip Night Bobbers -model 204-08Just another sport fishing bobber ? -  NOT a chance!
Bentley Fishing Side Slip bobbers are the most technologically advanced fishing floats on the market. Getting closer to what float fishing experience should feel like has never been more exciting.
The 204-08 float is not just an ordinary slip bobber. It is a complete package designed for slip fishing, fixed bobber fishing, day time fishing, and night fishing. The body of the float is made from hand selected super lightweight Argentinean balsa wood. This product is hand painted, handmade and quality assured in Poland.
Bentley custom 204-08 fishing bobbers bring you unrivaled flexibility in all types of bobber fishing, including highly adaptive Slip Side Design that is perfectly suited for jigging.

Click here to discover new fishing bobber 204-08 Bentley 204-08 Slip Slide night fishing bobbers

Bentley Fishing USA – Revolutionizing bobber fishing in North America!

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To get details about exclusive limited time offers, new product releases and inventory blowouts! Join Bentley Fishing Nation on Facebook and have a chance to win free RELAX LURES America’s best kept secret soft plastic lures for over two decades. Relax KOPYTO Shads -manufactured and designed in the USA exclusively for the European sport fishing market.

What is Kopyto Shad ? Kopyto Shads are considered as the most effective soft plastic lures ever invented. 1999 Gold medal winnervat the prestigious sport fishing industry Expo in Poland. WIN FREE Europe’s best known predatory soft lures - join our FaceBook fishing nation for a chance to fish with the first and original RELAX Soft Plastic Baits. Designed in Poland – proudly manufactured in the USA.

Join Bentley Fishing Nation - Like Us on FacebookJoin Bentley Fishing Nation !

Join BFUSA at Google +Real fishing life sharing, real outdoor stories, real anglers, new product releases and much more…Join Bentley Fishing USA at Google + Fishing Nation. Anything Fishing, Yep that's right it’s all about fishing news coming from our European pro-anglers, North-American ice fishing teams and tons of new fishing pictures ( Europe, Russia ,Canada & North America). Click here to join >>>

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Free Bentley Fishing tackle. Monthly sport fishing tackle giveaway. ( Canadian and North American anglers only) October 2011 winner - Jason Michalik ( Winnipeg, Canada )

No purchase necessary. Free Sport Fishing Tackle !

New color for 2011 - Pure Gold. Click on image to explore Bentley Fishing pure tungsten Tarantula Jigs.New for 2012 ! New Colors - Pure Gold & Dark Nickel

Panfishing Tackle by Bentley Fishing USA

America’s most unique and best ice fishing jigs just got even better. Tarantula - Revolutionary panfishing and ice fishing jigs. The first and only panfishing and ice fishing jig able to handle three different baits at once. With it’s thee independent super sharp hooks that move up and down providing free movement of the baits, Tarantula jigs provide the best bait presentation on the market.

Tarantula custom jigs are widely accepted as " the absolute best new design in ice fishing jigs as well as panfishing for the 2011 / 2012 fishing season".
These new technologically advanced jigs elevate the panfishing and ice fishing experience to its own art form.

Furry Fishing Grubs - 11 pcs Pro-Pack - only $3.79 - click on image to read moreAmerica’s most favorite soft plastic grubs.
Pro-Pack - 11 PCS Pro Series Bentley Furry Grubs
( 10 + 1 free Glow in the dark Bentley soft plastic Grub )

Industry - leading fishing grubs - exclusively from Bentley Fishing USA.
Proven – Tested – Irresistible to Fish!

Voted # 1 crappie fishing grubs.

Made in U.S.A
Inside and out, every Bentley grub is designed to offer nothing less than the ultimate day of fishing. Signature-series Bentley Fishing grubs are the perfect choice for fishing crappies, bass, perch and walleyes.

Click here to explore Bentley Grubs !Discover Bentley Grubs.

NEW for 2012 ! 100 % Marmoosha Jigs - Product of Russia

Bumble Bee Jigs by Bentley Fishing USA. Tournament Series Genuine Mormoosha Jigs.
Click here to read more / purchase

Bentley Fishing Bumble Bee Marmooska Jigs

Custom signature series panfishing jigs by Bentley Fishing USA. Original - 100 % Moryshka (Marmooska). Bentley Fishing USA Marmoosha panfishing jigs signify an absolute apex in fishing tackle. Our crappie, blue gill, perch fishing jigs hold one of the largest sizes to weight ratio of all panfishing jigs on the market. Bentley Fishing USA Bumble Bee panfishing jigs were successfully used during 2010 VII World Ice Fishing Championship in USA by BFUSA Pro-Staff – Ice Team Poland and won Silver medals as team and Bronze medal in individual angler category. Bentley perch, bluegill and crappie jigs were also effectively used in North American Ice Fishing Circuit winning team of the year for our North American Pro Staff and members of Bentley Fishing company Jacek Gawlinski and Zibi Wojcik ( ZI & SKI ) Read more >>>

Bentley Fishing News  - click on below links to expand

Read BFUSA company news. Hint! Click on below links ( + ) to expand and discover our news selections.

+ The true origin of pro-series Bentley Marmoosha Jigs. Read more...

Bentley Fishing JIGS - product information update. The true origin of pro-series Bentley Marmoosha Jigs.

Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) will no longer be obedient to the ongoing allegations posted on North American fishing forums by anglers who simply have no knowledge of our company’s ethical values.

Below corporate message is intended to clear all skepticism that currently takse place along ice anglers of North America in regards to the true origin of our custom Svarowski crystalMarmoosha jigs.

Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) is privileged to announce that our sport fishing jigs sold under Bentley Bugs, Bentley Bumble Bee and Bentley Tarantula brand names are 100% percent of RUSSIAN origin. We are proud to announce that our company is the only firm based in North America that utilize name of Marmoosha JIG ( known throughout the World as genuine Ice jigs from RUSSIA ) in the most appropriate and professional manner. As mentioned in above selection, our product assortments are 100% genuine Marmoosha jigs.  Unlike many North American sport fishing companies, our company and our company’s manufacturing partners do not sell technology and design projects to CHINA. In order to protect interest of our company, our firms’ employees, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors- all Expodex Corporation ( BFUSA) manufacturing processes are closely guarded with an IRON FIST. The true manufacturing process of making genuine tungsten jigs by our supplier from Russia is also guarded with highest secrecy  and with no circumstances it would be sold to world’s other jigs manufacturers. Please be advised that ice jigs coming from suppliers located in other countries than RUSSIA are not considered as original Marmoosha jigs. Be fully advised of where do you purchase your marmoosha jigs and what sources will offer such product for sale. Only Bentley Marmoosha jigs are fully certified as Genuine (Original) Russian Marmoosha Jigs and are only available at exclusive dealer locations in United States that are authorized to trade Bentley Jigs to North American anglers.  Be advised that jigs from countries like Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden or Scandinavia are not in any way manufactured with the same technology and raw material content signified in our selection of genuine original RUSSIAN military grade Tungsten jigs. We are the original suppliers of high grade RUSSIAN tungsten jigs for North American market. 
In addition the process of manufacturing copies is exactly descried by one of North American ice anglers who posted his dishonest findings in regards to our closely guarded manufacturing process.
We quote Those jigs and the "Bumble" jigs with the Swarovski crystals that everyone is raving about aren't solid tungsten. They're tungsten powder mixed with epoxy and poured into a mold with the hook inserted into the mold. Look at the hook and the eye, you can tell it's a solid hook. These jigs are only slightly denser than lead and not worth the extra $$$, for the obvious reason that they're not pure tungsten. They're tungsten powder mixed with epoxy glue”
Expodex Corporation ( BFUSA) would like to comment on this corrupt allegation and point out that Tungsten ( Wolfram) powder mixes are not used in our production of jigs. We cannot provide any additional details on the production process of manufacturing our sport fishing jigs.

Bentley Jigs - Hand Crafted in RussiaBentley Fishing  jigs ARE crafted by the FINEST company in RUSSIA. A manufacturer with decades of expertise. A manufacturer whose entire designing team has spent decades working closely with Soviet and now Russian military designing projects involving high density metals fabrication. A true RUSIAN secret is NOT for SALE to anyone.
We are the source to the only and original WOLFRAM ( TUNGSTEN ) jigs in the North America.
Expodex Corporation  ( BFUSA) would like to point that our company does not subcontract, manufacture and use raw materials from any Asian countries including China.
We fully utilize Polish, Russian and US craftsmanship in designing and fabrication our sport fishing tackle selection.
Legal notice: Expodex Corporation does not boycott in any way North American or any other World companies having business relationship involving manufacturing, export and import of ready to use sport fishing merchandise from China. The information in above selection is intended to clarify that Expodex Corporation’s sport fishing Marmoosha jigs or any other selection of sport fishing tackle represented in our product selection is not of Chinese origin.

Always a Cast Ahead ™
Bentley Fishing USA
Division of Expodex Corporation – PolandBentley Fishing Logo

+ Bentley Custom Jigs - used by PRO ICE TEAMS around the World ! Read more...

Buntley Fishing Bumble Bee Swarovski crystal jigs have been used and tested by Polish National Ice Team during 2010 World Ice Fishing Championships in USA. The team won silver medals respectfully captivating second position right after Ice Team USA. Bentley Bumble Bee jigs in size 1 and 2 were also successful in establishing secure place in 2010 North American Ice Fishing Circuit. Our custom marmoosha jigs were used by 2010 winning team of the 2010 Ice Team of the Year. Jacek Gawlinski and Zibby Wojcik – Team Fishmaniacs.National Ice Team of Poland
Next proving ground for Bentley Jigs will be – 2011 WORLD ICE FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS that will take place next month in the county of Ukraine. Polish Ice Fishing Team – sponsored by FRABILL USA ( supplying Ice Team Poland with highest quality ice suits and winter fishing gear)  and key sponsor - RELAX LURES – Poland ( makers of legendary KOPYTO SHADS ) . More in news – coming soon. You can click here to view our news index, see pictures from last year’s Ice Fishing Championships, our fishing event, etc.

+ Geographic Information System. New service – coming soon to BFUSA site. Read more...

Bentley Fishing USA team is currently working in conjunction with our information systems team from Poland on the new geographic information system database. The new GIS is a specialized type of data precisely matched to reveal most popular Bentley fishing Bobbers sold within specific fishing areas throughout all 50 states. The main advantage of this spatial database, over file-based data, is the ability to quickly asses what particular Bentley Bobbers are used the most by anglers who fish within your region. This new data database has been created to ease the process of selecting Bentley fishing bobbers from our extensive arrays of colors, models, sizes and styles. Also, a database’s architecture will support multiple users simultaneously. The structure of the data base will be updated on daily basis giving end user an opportunity to view up to date information’s on what type of fishing bobber is mostly used within your fishing area. 

Geo Data - new service at Bentley Fishing USA  
Information System Team
Expodex Corporation Poland – Bentley Fishing USA
Always a cast ahead ™

+ Back in action! Relax Lures TWISTER 6. Hunting Giant Catfish in Spain. Read more...

Twister 6 by RELAX Lures is currently available with over 500 colors configurations. Ironically combination of White and Red colors resembling Polish national flag (country of Relax Lures orgin ) was proven to be the most successful color during Relax (ESPANA) Pro-Staffer’s cat fishing expedition.

Relax Twister V6

+ Turn your ordinary fixed bobbers ino slip bobbers. New bobber fishing swivels. Read more…

New product !- Bobber Fishing Swivels (Ball-Bearing Swivels with Interlock Snap)
Revolutionizing bobber fishing in North America!
New Bentley Fishing Ball- Bearing Swivels with Interlocking Snap. Engineered with military-grade high strength stainless steel. Equipped with unique copolymer attachments. Connections that are designed to prevent line frying and allocate free gliding of the swivel on the fishing line. This basic and ergonomic design is widely used in slip bobber fishing as well as other types of fishing where perfect bait presentation becomes a key attribute in attracting slow biting fish. Bentley Fishing swivel snaps are designed to work with all fishing bobbers including all BFUSA custom fishing bobbers
Our radical fishing swivels are not only easy to use; they turn ordinary bobbers into slip bobbers. Click here to order...

Bentley Fishing Swivels - click on image to explore


+ New revolutionary fishing bobbers designed for jigging. Read more…

Side Slip Bobbers -select float to view more info Model 204-01 Model 204-29 Model 204-30 Model 204-37 Model 204-40 New selection of Bentley Fishing bobbers is exclusively designed with (SSF) Side Slip Float technology. This award winning design allows for optimum control while fishing for predatory species in great variations of water depths. It offers best possible stability combined with superb sensitivity and increased shy bite detection. Each individual Side Slip Float is equipped with silky smooth line eyelets designed to minimize abrasion created by the fishing line passing though the body of the bobber.

Click on selected bobbers to view more info!

Unlike regular slip bobbers – in Bentley Fishing Side Slip Floats, line passage is built to the side of the bobber which in fact makes it a lot easier to control drift of the bobber and improves strike indication.The SSF design also improves the flow of the line inside the body of the bobber and makes it perfectly suited for best bait presentation while bobber jigging.
Point your mouse and click on the bobber of your choice to see its technical data, product details as well as rigging methods.
The excellence in design does not stop here – you can also use our custom Side Slip jigging bobbers for night fishing.
Each individual side slip bobber is manufactured by hand in our EU quality controlled and quality certified facility located in Poland. 
On the laughing note – many North American anglers refer to our bobbers as “Polish Candies” – and candies we craft – the sweetest looking bobbers in America.

+ Critical success factors.  Attention to Detail – and Innovative Thinking. Read more…

“Attention to Detail – and Innovative Thinking” are essential critical success factors.

Knowing and understanding customers’ demands allows us to flawlessly mange new product development. Details are extremely critical factors in creating new product. The best part of obtaining such details and adding them into initial product development cycle is the process of interacting between our engineers, members of pro staff and fishing anglers.
Listening is a simple procedure that differentiates our production cycle from other sport fishing manufactures. Innovative thinking does not start and stop with a simple idea. It is a prolonged process than involves extensive testing, interaction with end users and understanding what necessities must be completed in order to achieve the desired result. In our case, the desired result is expressed when we see anglers around the world experiencing connectivity with nature by having best fishing days using our sport fishing tackle selection.
Our team’s attention to details and innovative thinking allows us to uncover ways for us to exceed expectations of sport fishing anglers and add a personal touch to our product selection. As a company we continuously improve our process and add value to our customer’s expectations. We are in constant pursuit in finding positive solutions to problems, understanding anglers’ needs and demonstrating to our customer that we care about what we do.

Product development officer Daniel Kowalczyk
Always a cast Ahead ™
Team Bentley Fishing

+ BFUSA *Jack Custom Baits* are coming to North America. ETA March 2012. Read more…

Well…. the news is spreading rapidly. Yes this is a true fact, Bentley “underground” JACK Custom Baits are coming to North America. Let us first explain the meaning of “underground lures”. For many years Jack custom baits have been hand crafted in minimal quantities exclusively for sport fishing industry members.

Our baits have been secretly created for Bentley’s best performing European distributors, dealers with no intention to pursue any further direct (public) retail sales. Needless to say, Bentley Jack crank baits were simply treated as a token of appreciation in our business to business transactions.
The time has passed the news of effectiveness of Jack baits feasted between our clients and general public. The news quickly spread out from Europe to North America to Canada and as far as Australia.

With this in mind, our company is delighted to announce that Bentley’s Jack Custom Polish Baits will be available for purchase in North America starting March of 2012.
Initial preorders will take place in February of 2012.
Lures will be available in 2 shapes:
Jack 1.
Length 7.0 cm / 2 ¾ in
Weight 5.5 gram / ± 1/5 oz (exact 9/50 oz)
Diving depth - up to 2 M / 6.5 Feet.
Available in 32 distinct fish attracting colors.
Available in limited quantities – Product hand crafted in Poland
Jack 2.
Length 4.5 cm / 1 ¾ in
Weight 5 gram / ± 1/5 oz ( exact 19/100 oz) 
Diving depth - 1.5 Meter / 5 Feet
Available in 17 distinct fish attracting colors.
Available in Limited quantities – Product hand crafted in Poland

Additional colors and shapes will be released throughout 2012 fishing season.

Download complete Jack Custom Baits Product Catalog in PDF

Creating the ultimate fishing bait demands total commitment to quality. This type of commitment is a motivating force behind every customized Jack fishing lure. As a result of sophisticated workmanship each and every lure optimally recreates nature. Additionally, Jack custom baits are individually field tested- not tank tested to maintain correct balance, control and stunning performance. Jack custom baits redefine what makes today’s fishing baits a true player.

Each and every fishing lure is ultimately synchronized to imitate nature. They combine unprecedented attention to detail with addition of life like enhancements. 
Prepare for a new fishing experience with Jack- custom baits. Experience, which defines imagination with one of the finest high-end lures on the market.

Jack custom lures are hand crafted in Poland. Each lure is created and field-tested by one artist (craftsman). A written certificate of authenticity and quality originally signed by the artist who created it accompanies Jack custom baits at the time of purchase.

Jack Custom Baits by BFUSA

Important notice;

Jack lures are not a mass production fishing baits. They are crafted in very limited quantities. This product is intended only for devoted anglers who truly appreciate reference -one of the kind craftsmanship combined with definitive performance under any fishing conditions. Jack lures - custom Polish crankbaits are designed for Trout, Crappie, Walleye and Bass fishing.

+ New ! Diamond Shads from legendary Relax Lures. Read more...

New ! Diamond Shads from legendary Relax Lures represent a technological marvel that allows anglers around the world experience pure spin fishing sensation just the way it was meant to be. Aggressive, adrenaline pumping and super effective.

From the maker of Kopyto Shads ( the most desired soft plastic baits in Europe ) comes new, technologically advanced lure that surpasses swim action of any other soft plastic baits on the market. Together with unprecedented fish attracting action and stunning swim stroke, Relax Diamond Shads deliver the full impact in bass fishing, walleye fishing, pike, as well as perch fishing. Available in 2.5“, 3” and 5”.

Diamond Shads by Relax Lures

  • Remarkable attention to detail.
  • Designed for professional by professionals.
  • Surpasses the industry quality standards.
  • Superior swim action.
  • Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance. 
  • Open architecture for flexibility and custom rigging.
  • The tendency to sit in a more upright position in the water allows it to be a perfect choice for choppy water conditions.
    Capable to generate accurate and long casts.
  • Truly evolutionary body structure - offers best possible stability in rough waters.

Soft plastic shads designed by professionals for professionals.
Special Note: Proudly manufactured using highest production and quality standards in THE U.S.A – exclusively available in EU (European Union) and its neighboring countries.
This product is not available in North America. Special product inquires from North American Dealers and distributors will not be accepted. Product restricted to European Relax Lures distributors  only.

+ New RELAX soft plastic frogs! Spectacular live action. Read more...

New!     New!     New!
Revolutionary soft plastic frogs. Relax Lures brings you the finest soft plastic frog baits, specifically tailored to maximize your bass fishing experience. Together with unprecedented fish attracting action and stunning swim stroke, Relax frog lures deliver the full impact in top water bass fishing. Our soft plastic frogs are loaded with exclusive advancements in sport fishing tackle engineering available today.

Relax Soft Plastics Frogs

Spectacular live action of our soft plastic frogs will forever transform the way you fish.
The line between perception and reality has finally ended. New revolutionary bass fishing frogs are finally here. Frogs designed by professionals for professionals. Frog baits crafted by the best manufacturer of soft lures - RELAX LURES.

Designed for Smallmouth Bass and PURE Largemouth Bass fishing.
Recommended for professional sport fishing tournaments as well as amateur bass fishing.


Product exclusively manufactured for European fishing market.

Remarkable attention to detail.
Designed for professional by professionals.
Surpasses the standards of flawlessness.
Superior swim action.
Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance. 
Open architecture for flexibility and custom rigging.
The tendency to sit in a more upright position in the water allows it to be a perfect choice for choppy water conditions.
Capable to generate accurate and long casts.
Truly evolutionary body structure - offers best possible stability in rough waters.


+ Monster Pike fishing in Spain with Relax KOPYTO shads. Read more...

Relax Lures - Kopyto Shads
The Best of Soft Lures !European mastermind, worldwide renowned American craftsmanship- an ideal blend of perfect harmony. Such accord is represented in each and every lure crafted by RELAX engineers. A perfect harmony of superb quality and innovations, a perfect harmony of quality and dependability, the perfect lure for demanding anglers.

Relax Lures  fishing in Spain

What is Kopyto Shad ?

Original Relax KOPYTO SHADSKopyto Shads are considered as the most effective soft plastic lures ever invented.
1999 Gold medal winner at the prestigious sport fishing industry Expo in Poland. Kopyto Shad was invented by Relax Lures founder and well-known walleye fisherman Witold (Victor) Kowalczyk in early 1990’s in the country of Poland. His vision of ideal bait was articulated with the lure that was entirely groundbreaking and delivered deadly punch when it comes to spin fishing for predatory fish. Invention of Kopyto Shads was an absolute sensation on the East European sport fishing market, quickly spreading to all neighboring countries and continents.Kopyto Shads represent a technological marvel that allows anglers around the world experience pure spin fishing sensation just the way it was meant to be. Aggressive, adrenaline pumping and super effective.

Fishing with Kopyto shads lets you experience connectivity with nature. Ii is an experience so real you may just pinch yourself. It is a revolutionary soft plastic lure precisely tailored to your fishing style. Whether you are an aggressive angler who enjoys trolling, quick casting and retrieving, or maybe your technique evolves much slower speeds like fishing on the drop or jigging close to the bottom, Kopyto Shads will always adopt to you specific fishing technique.

Team Relax

This lure is crafted to outperform any other plastic lures on the market. Cast after cast will awaken its pure technological innovation. Kopyto Shads are engineered to a new exiting level of performance in sport fishing lures. From its fantastic fish attracting tail action to a precisely contoured body angles, Relax Kopyto Shads redefines traditional limitations in lure designs Kopyto shads will completely change the way you fish. And that’s just a beginning; with technological innovations, Relax Kopyto Shads attract more fish, provides perfect bait presentation in all fishing conditions and water coloration. With the most extensive array of color combinations among all soft baits fishing manufactures and wide range in finishing styles starting with laminated shads to printed shads we guarantee you will find a perfect match for your trophy fish.

Brace yourself; awaken your mind to a technological innovation in sport fishing industry.
Prepare for a whole new level of excitement. Experience the best of soft lures- RELAX LURES.

RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (small sizes) are deadly for Perch soft bait fishing.
RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (medium sizes) are designed for Walleye and Bass soft plastic fishing
RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (large sizes) are perfect for Pike, Musky and other predatory fish. They have been also used in deep-sea fishing, commonly used in fishing Baltic Sea as well as hunting big fish in frigid waters of Russia.

Click here to view Relax Lures Kopyto Shads selectionClick here to view complete selection of Relax Lures Kopyto Shads.

+ Top 10 Walleye soft plastic baits. Not bad ! we are #1 & # 3. Read more...

Original article written by enthusiastic angler Adrian “Top 10 Zander / Walleye Soft Baits” may be viewed by selecting below link. See who else was on the list of top 10 picks of soft lures designed for Walleye and Zander fishing.
Top 10 Zander / Walleye Soft Baits – original article

Winner # 1. Relax KOPYTO Shad - " Relax is a famous soft bait company located in Poland. It has a big range of soft baits aimed for many species of predators. Relax Kopyto is a big hit when it comes to spin fishing for predators. It’s an aggressive and super effective soft bait. It has a fantastic fish attracting tail action which makes this lure deadly for zander."

Picture showing Relax Kopyto 6.5cm, a universal size that will make walleye and zander go nuts!

"Kopyto is my favorite zander lure, especially during spring time, when zander becomes very aggressive and start protecting their nest. Kopyto comes in 6 dimensions, starting from 3.5cm to 15cm. When fishing for zander I usually use the 6.5cm and 7.5cm models".

Andrei showing off with his killer Kopyto lure on a 1/0 Gamakatsu hook.

Choice #3. Relax AQUA Shads -"Another Relax candidate, would be the Aqua shad. It’s the perfect bait for the classical jigging technique. It has a wide tail action that can really make a difference, especially when dealing with suspicious zander.The soft materials (silicon) used to manufacture these baits are also very resistant, and don’t affect at all the underwater evolution"

Relax Aqua will never let you down when dealing with suspicious zander.

" The soft materials (silicon) used to manufacture these baits are also very resistant, and don’t affect at all the underwater evolution."

Picture showing Adrian and a 8lbs zander who couldn't resist an Aqua shad.

Click to view Relax Lures Aqua Shads Click here to view Aqua 3 " shads Click here to view Aqua shads with stripes Click here to view Aqua 4 " shads

Click on image to see Bentley Fishing USA Pro Anglers in Spain. Fishing  in Spain. Fishing articles and news for spanish speaking anglers.New page dedicated to Spanish speaking fishing anglers.
Bentley Fishing USA Pro Anglers in Spain share their knowledge and tournament winning fishing techniques. Read more >>

Fishing articles, fishing news, fishing tips from our Spanish pro fishing team. All about fishing in Spanish for Spanish speaking fishing anglers from North and South America. Julio Bolaños Rico – is one of the most distinguished professional pike anglers in Spain. His knowledge and expertise in professional sport fishing is commonly known in Spain and Spanish language speaking countries. Julio as a member of Bentley Fishing Team will familiarize Spanish speaking anglers in North America with his tournament winning fishing techniques.

America's largest selection of custom night fishing bobbers and floats.

Bfusa-night floats -click on image  to see our selectionPrepare for a night fishing experience that defies the imagination with one of the most technologically advanced Bentley Fishing night fishing floats and bobbers. Experience night fishing the way it was intended to be. BFUSA fabricates the best and most complete line of night bobbers in North America. All of our hand crafted night floats are specifically designed for night fishing walleyes, pike, musky, catfish, perch or any other aggressively feeding fish.

Bentley Fishing - night bobbers selection - click on image to see moreOur unending devotion to excel in research and development allowed our team of engineers to create the most visible and sensitive night bobbers on the market. Our exclusive designs allow for a 4.5 mm chemical light stick (available in any sport fishing shop ) to be securely inserted inside the float structure. This ergonomic and creative option makes our night fishing floats stable and visible under any weather conditions without the loss of superb bite sensitivity. Spice your night fishing experience with America’s best night fishing bobbers- Bentley Night Bobbers. Click here to select World’s finest night fishing floats!


NEW - BFUSA Swivels - click on image to discover rigging methodsTurn your ordinary fishing floats into slip bobbers.

New Bentley Fishing Ball - Bearing Swivels with Interlocking Snap. Engineered with military-grade high strength stainless steel. Equipped with unique copolymer line attachments.

Bentley Fishing custom swivels are the only Ball-Bearing Swivels with Interlock Snaps designed to transform common bobbers into slip bobbers. Discover new revolutionary way in float and bobber fishing. See how it is done. Explore new bobber swivel rigging methods.

View new rigging methods / order revolutionary bobber swivels today.

The most advanced slip bobbers in North America. Bentley Fishing Bobbers.

Bentley Fishing Slip bobbers $ 19.99 -shipped free New! - 6 pcs custom slip bobbers package. Slip fishing bobbers formulated with a revolutionary molecular structure to withstand water penetration and prevent cracking of their outer shells. Get all six floats for a low $19.99 shipped free. Discover our first class quality slip floats used by avid anglers all over the World.

Read more about Bentley Fishing hand crafted pro-series slip fishing bobbers.


Pike fishing time- BFUSA - Big Game BobbersPike and Musky fishing bobbers. Season starts now !- select BFUSA Big Game bobbers. .

Big game bobbers 6338
Large slip bobbers 6423
Extra tall slip bobbers 6249
Live bait night bobbers 204-00

Hand crafted floats for hard core Pike and Musky fishing anglers.
Plus, be sure to take a look at some of our other specialty bobbers.

Demon Lure Retreiver World Patent Save your favorite lures! Unique and revolutionary patented device to free your favorite lures. Thousands sold in Europe – available for the first time to the North American sport-fishing angler.The most advanced lure retriever in the world! World’s first patented lure retriever that delivers real results. Starting at $ 29.99 plus free shipping and handling.

Click here to read more >>>

Flawlessly suited for Bass fishing, Walleye fishing, Perch fishing, Catfish fishing, Pike fishing, and panfishing. Read more and order online our Exert Signature floats at super low price.

Click here to view our selection of Bentley Fishing Expert Floats and Bobbers !

Rox FloatsBFUSA Rox Floats / Bobbers

New for 2012 ! - Big Game Bobbers, river floats, bass bobbers, slip & fixed floats.....

Click here to view Bentley Fishing ROX floats and bobbers !

Custom JigsBentley Fishing Custom Jigs ( Мормышка Jigs )

Extremely visible, super fast diving - tournament ready panfishing jigs and ice fishing jigs - featuring original Swarovski crystals. Superb quality – simply unmatched by any North American Ice fishing jigs manufacturers and (or) panfishing jigs manufacturers. Designs worthy of a gallery.  No imitation, no shameless copy – pure 100 % original Tungsten Mormoosha (Mormooska, Mormyszka) jigs. BFUSA unique crystal ice fishing pkg contains genuine 100 % Military-Grade RUSSIAN Mormooska jigs made out of pure Wolfram (Tungsten) featuring original Swarovski Crystals.

Click here to view BFUSA genuine ( ORIGINAL ) RUSSIAN Marmoosha Jigs!Discover Bentley Fishing Ice Jigs !

Jack Custom BaitsJack Custom Baits - ETA MARCH 2012!

Hand crafted, filed-tested, and individually certified custom crankbaits from Poland.
Ultimately synchronized to imitate nature.
Jack Custom Baits >>>

Wirek Spoons & SpinnersWirek Spoons & Spinners

One of the most admired trophy -producing spoon and spinners on the market.
Lethal for fishing Trout, Perch, Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, Pike, and Walleye. More about Wirek Spoons & Spinners >>>

Team Relax - The Best Of Soft Lures

Relax Lures - Soft Plastic BaitsRelax Lures - Soft Plastic Baits - Kopyto Shads

RELAX LURES – The Best of Soft Lures. Original KOPYTO Shads - possibly the greatest soft lures ever invented. Product of the largest soft plastic baits manufacturer and distributor in Europe. Relax lures are proven to be the most admired soft plastic baits ever developed. KOPYTO Shads are extremely deadly while fishing for Walleye. Read more about Soft Plastic Baits >>>


Polish Rooster BaitsBentley Fishing Hand Crafted Rooster Baits

New for 2012! Revolutionary Walleye and Bass fishing Lures. Outstanding action, excellent strike-ability and unmatched hook setting power. Created by our company’s national Walleye Tournament team. Best lures for any predatory fishing species.
Read more about Rooster Baits >>

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