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First Look - Bentley Fishing USA - new sport fishing tackle product showcase.

New ground breaking Carp and Catfish bobbers

Carp is a very large group of bottom feeding fish native to Europe and Asia. According to DNR –Department of Natural Resources Carps are considered as invasive species. Their feeding habits disrupt growth of shallowly rooted plants; they are indirectly responsible for declines in water quality and increase in algae growth. Sure …. all these allegations sound scary – buy we all know that catching a big carp could be a fascinating experience.
The attractiveness for Carp fishing in North America grows up in popularity every year. With this in mind our team introduced a totally new line of fishing bobbers designed for bottom feeding fish like Carp and Catfish.
Each Carp bobber is hand crafted and fitted with Brass weights located at the bottom section of the bobber known as body. (Please refer to our rigging information located on this page to see how to fish with our Carp bobbers) Bentley Fishing Carp bobbers are fitted with unique partitions specifically made to accept chemical lights. This revolutionary design turns our Carp floats into high visibility night fishing bobbers. Experience Carp fishing at its best with custom wagglers by Bentley Fishing.

The body structure of our extra tall bobber is specifically designed to tackle though high waves; their dart like body shape allows for accurate and long distance casts; their combination of elongated super light stems with weighted body sections provide extra needed stability during windy conditions; and lets not forget that this bobber can also be turned into lighted bobber with a simple addition of night fishing chemical light stick.

If this is not the bobber that you have been searching for? Discover more long wagglers from our production line. (link coming soon)

You will get one extra tall bobber with protective tube for low $ 6.49 plus 0.99 shipping and handing - click here for more info - new arrival


When to use
- Choppy and open water
- Slip float fishing
- Waters with great variations in depth.
- Low light conditions / daytime
- Night fishing
- Carp fishing
- Catfish fishing
- Match fishing
- Fishing during very windy days




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