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What is RSS
RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content on our Bentley Fishing USA corporate website as well many other sites including Yahoo News. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is an easy and safe way of retrieving information that allows you to skip endless and time consuming web browsing. Now Bentley Fishing USA can deliver an up to date content directly to you without sending you e-mails or newsletters.

Benefits of using RSS Feeds from Bentley Fishing USA
RSS feed lets you to stay informed by retrieving the latest news, website content from our web site the minute information will be updated and posted on our site. What it does to you? It save you time (the time that you might be spending fishing) and you can be assured that it will also guarantee your privacy. RSS feeds eliminates rapidly growing newsletter form of advertisement that in fact may jeopardize your privacy by submitting your e-mail and private information to the web service that you might want to receive newsletters from. RSS is unlike anything you have seen before- safe, secure and easy to use.

What would you need to receive our RSS feeds?
Feed Rader or News Aggregator will allow you to receive our BFUSA as well as any other news form the sites that you select. The RSS Feeds will be pulled and displayed
in a central location ready for you to read.
A vast variety of feed readers are available on line – Feed Reader, News Gator, My Yahoo, Google Reader. Click here to find out available reader for different computing platforms
Please note that browsers, such as the current versions of Firefox and Safari have built in RSS Feeds.


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