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Bentley Fishing Custom Slip Bobbers - 6 pcs Pro-Series Slip ( day and night ) Fishing Bobbers

Click on image to enlargeBentley Fishing Quality Assurance Bentley Fishing Slip Bobbers - 6 pcs Pro-Series Fishing Bobbers
Designed for all finesse slip bobber fishing enthusiasts.
Product highly recommended for fishing crappies, perch, (small to medium) bass and (small to medium) walleye fishing. Great fishing floats for micro-jigging.
For over a decade Bentley Fishing bobbers have been specifically built to exceed the expectations of anglers around the world. Our products are specifically made for those who like to fish with the best equipment proven to bring victorious results. Each individual slip bobber from the below package selection is manufactured by hand in our EU quality controlled and quality certified facility located in Poland.  We take sport fishing product innovation very seriously. With this in mind our company created award-wining line of slip bobbers designed specifically for anglers who fish with finesse precision for crappies, bass, perch, and small to medium size walleyes. Our unending devotion to excel in research and development of the World’s best slip bobbers is expressed in below product line.

6 pcs ice fishing package - click on image to view an alternative view

Six Pro-Series Slip Fishing Bobbers

Price : $ 19.99



Click on image to see  Actual SIze

Actual size image

Click on image to enlarge


Our slip fishing bobber package includes the following models.
Model number 204-13-040
Weight ( 4.0 gram - .07 ounce) Length ( 4.0 in)
Model number 204-37-070
Weight ( 7.0 gram - .25 ounce) Length ( 5.0 in)
Model number 204-40-060 night fishing bobber *
Weight ( 6.0 gram - .21 ounce) Length ( 5 ½ in )
Model number 204-01-070
Weight ( 7.0 gram - .25 ounce) Length ( 6 1/4 in)
Model number 204-30-040
Weight ( 4.0 gram - .14 ounce) Length ( 6 3/4 in)
Model number 204-29-040 night fishing bobber *
Weight ( 4.0 gram - .14 ounce) Length ( 6 3/4 in)

 *BFUSA - night fishing bobbers are build to accommodate a vast array of 4.5mm brightly illuminated glow sticks.

BFUSA slip bobbers - click  to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

For best results in micro-bobber jigging use Bentley Fishing jigs.
Click here to see our selection of custom jigs designed for bobber jigging. 

Bentley Fishing USA hand crafted slip fishing bobbers - technical data. Click on individual float to see detail bobber rigging methods.

model 204-13 ( Slip Bobber ) Model 204-37 ( Side Slip ) Model 204-40 ( Side Slip + Night Bobber) Model 204-01 ( Side Slip ) Model 204-30 ( Side Slip ) Model 204-39 ( Side Slip + Night Bobber )

Advantages of Bentley Fishing slip bobbers:

  • Specifically designed with silky smooth line eyelets for smooth and abrasion free line passage.
  • Unique Slip Slide design – an award winning invention designed for those who enjoy jigging with the slip bobber.
  • Durability and abrasion resistance in all fishing conditions.
  • World class bites sensitivity.
  • Premium visibility.
  • Ability to be utilized in day and night fishing. (Our exclusive designs allow for a 4.5 mm chemical light stick (available in any sport fishing shop) to be securely inserted inside the float structure. This ergonomic and creative option makes our night fishing floats stable and visible under any weather conditions without the loss of superb bite sensitivity.)

Bentley Fishing USA – Revolutionizing bobber fishing in North America!

  Safe Shopping is our absolute priority.





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