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About Us

Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) is a sport fishing tackle manufacturer and tackle distributor. Our company’s state of the art tackle selection provides an extensive assortment of revolutionary fishing gear designed for all types of fishing styles.Bentley’s fishing equipment includes bass lures, walleye lures, musky and pike lures crappie fishing lures, salmon and trout fishing lures, saltwater fishing soft plastic baits including Relax Kopyto Shads (ground-breaking soft plastic baits, excellent for trolling, casting and jigging), crankbaits, spinner baits, swim baits, trolling baits, soft plastic baits, jigging baits, ice fishing lures and ice fishing jigs, fishing floats, fishing bobbers, night fishing tackle, and purpose build fishing tackle accessories.

We offer direct online purchase program for fishing anglers as well as present opportunities for dealers (fishing tackle shops) and sport fishing tackle wholesalers to carry our line of fishing gear.

2011 fishing season brings a lot of changes to our Bass fishing tackle as well as Walleye fishing lures. We have implemented fishing tips and fishing reports from anglers around the World who already utilize our fishing equipment. The changes are significant.

First of all, an entirely new generation of Bass fishing floats and bobbers has been introduced to the North American market. Studies show that our new generation of fishing floats beats the leading competition in such essentials as; proper bait presentation, stability, durability, sensitivity and fish strike indication.

Second, highly effective fishing baits such as our genuine hand crafted Rooster Baits have been tested and developed for pure hard-core walleye fishing and bass fishing. Larger sizes are proven to be deadly for Pike fishing, Musky fishing and ( or) offshore fishing, smaller sizes represent an ideal fishing bait for perch fishing.

Last but not least, Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) custom panfishing and ice fishing jigs would be available to the North American anglers via our direct internet purchase program.
These highly anticipated fishing lures represent an absolute superiority in quality and strike effectives.

So with this in mind - our dearest friends (fishing anglers) we are committed to revolutionize your tackle gear and wish you the most memorable and successful fishing season in the year of 2011.

With Best Regards
Your fishing family - Expodex Corporation. (Bentley Fishing USA)

Always a Cast Ahead

Why buy Bentley Fishing products

So you have been asking yourself why would I change my fishing style and switch to Bentley Fishing bobbers.

With over 500 styles of fishing bobbers and countless customers in over 40 countries, Bentley Fishing USA ( Expodex Corporation) has what is takes to offer you the finest sport fishing tackle. We value what it takes to maximize your fishing experience.
We distinguish fishing as not only a sport – it is an escape from everyday reality, it is a form of relaxation that we as a fishing company and you as a devoted angler could only understand. Our company is led by devoted fishermen and we constantly demonstrate unprecedented enthusiasm to take new steps to create fishing gear that is functional, environment friendly and is second to none in terms of performance, quality, ease of use and price.


  • Bentley Fishing USA uses the latest state of the art technology in sport fishing industry.
  • Over 90 percent of our production line is hand crafted, hand painted and individually tested for quality assurance.


  • Our vast arrays of fishing bobbers offer first-rate sensitivity, visibility and bait presentation. With its custom hand painted color scheme they last a long time and provide years of best bobber fishing on the market.
  • Product selection designed by our team is designed for trouble free performance.
  • Our spectacular ice jigs are considered as one of the best ice fishing baits on the market. New Rooster baits designed for Walleye fishing bring trophy fish in Poland, Sweden, Germany, and Russia – soon to be available in USA. And let’s not forget about our new purpose built fishing tool -Demon lure retriever - that already has thousands of units sold in Europe and is now available for purchase from our corporate web site.


  • Our extensive array of recreational fishing products have trouble free performance and are specifically designed to be easy to use.
  • Our products are ready to play straight from the box.
  • Bentley Fishing corporate internet web site provides on of the most extensive information on float and bobber fishing – including fishing rigging methods, fishing techniques as well as easy to follow bobber fishing instructions.


  • We are able to save you more money by providing our fishing gear at direct manufacturing pricing without sacrificing quality.
  • We offer unbeatable pricing combined with extensive limited time special sales to allow anglers buy more for less.
  • Bentley Fishing USA provides the right high end fishing tackle at the right price.

Hand-made Fishing Tackle

The entire line of our fishing tackle products are hand made from the highiest quality materials. ISO 9001 standards are implemented in our production process. Our financial success is directly related to 100% complience with quality control process.

Hand-made Fishing Tackle

Company Profile

Expodex Corporation ( Bentley Fishing USA )is one of the world’s leading providers of technological solutions to sport-fishing industry serving customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. In addition to award-winning fishing tackle production, the Expodex offers a complete global logistic distribution and supply chain management to today’s leading fishing tackle retailers and wholesalers.

Providing technology innovations for over a decade. Poland- based Expodex has been leading the way in state-of-the art manufacturing process though total commitment to excellence and quality control. Expodex is revolutionizing the fishing industry with purpose-built, high performance products. Our excellent reputation is formed to the fact that Expodex Corporation controls all aspects of the development cycle, including research, testing, design and in-house manufacturing.
Our vision of the perfect catch is driven by the desires and aspirations of our clients and fishing anglers around the world who utilize our products on everyday basis and experience connectivity with nature.

Environmental ImpactEnvironmental Impact at Expodex Corporation

Our objective as a sport fishing company is to implement new and reinforced measures to minimize environment impact. It is our goal to create eco-friendly inventions that may be utilized by our future generations. Read more...

Environmental ImpactWhy

Expodex Corporation's (Bentley Fishing USA) positioning line is, "Always a cast ahead." This statement is not mere hype; it is our commitment to go beyond the expectations of what anglers need from a sport fishing manufacturer. Read more...

Safe Shopping is our absolute priority.



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