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Bluegill / Panfishing Floats

Bluegill’s other common names are panfish, sunfish, bream copperbelly, sunny.

Bluegill is a fresh water fish. Bluegills are popular game fish. They are found throughout the United States and northern Mexico and usually swim in schools of twenty to thirty individuals.

Bluegill are most abundant in clear lakes with large amounts of aquatic vegetation They are known for steeling baits from fishermen hooks. Because they feed by sight, bluegill feed primarily during the daylight.

Expodex Corporation fabricates a huge assortment of panfishing floats. Our varieties of panfishing floats are perfectly suited for daytime and nighttime bait presentation. Bentley’s Bluegill and panfisnhig floats represent an absolute pinnacle in shy bites detection.

Whether you are a beginning your fishing experience by bank fishing for Bluegills and panfish, or maybe you are already a devoted panfishing enthusiast - Bentley Fishing USA have a super sensitive fishing float designed for your fishing style.

bluegill panfishing fishing floats 204-13 6369 6327

Item: 204-13-020
Price $ 1.99
2.0 g - .07 oz

Item: 6369-002
Price $ 2.99
6.0 g - .21 oz

Item: 6327-003
Price $ 2.99
10.0 g - .35 oz

Select desired model or buy all 3 floats and SAVE! Bluegill, sunfish, crappie, panfishing floats. Bentley Fishing Bluegill / Panfishing 3 pack special includes all three bobbers shown in above selection;
* One revolutionary slip mobile bobber – that can be effectively suited for all kinds of crappie fishing including fishing for carppies in rivers as well as choppy ( high wave waters)
Model # 204-13-020 (2.0 g – .07 oz) - picture provided above.
* One custom swivel barrel bobber with built in compartment for 4.5 mm chemical light sticks that can be utilized for very effective perch night fishing.
Model # 6369-002 (2.0 g – .07 oz) - picture provided above.
* One custom painted slip bobber built with night stick compartment.
Model # 6327-003 (3.0 g – .10 oz) - picture provided above.

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