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Walleye Fishing Floats

Walleye is a predatory freshwater fish native to most parts of Canada, northern United States and Europe. On average Walleyes grow to about 75 cm (30 in) in length, and weigh up to about 7 kg (15 lb).

The common name Walleye comes from the fact that their eyes reflect light and allow for a perfect vision in low-light conditions.

Walleyes tend to feed more aggressively under choppy water conditions when natural light reflection penetrates water and disrupts its spectrum. For such rough and turbulent fishing conditions we recommend Walleye floats represented in below section.

They symbolize years of research and development with implementation of the latest technological designs. Bentley Fishing Walleye floats provide superb buoyancy in violent waters when Walleye tends to feed more aggressively. Considering Walleyes feeding habits our company expended night fishing Walleye float selection to satisfy the most dedicated Walleye fishermen.

Bent;ley Walleye Fishing Floats Needles to say - our company staff is absolutely fanatical about Walleye fishing.

From the development of Relax Kopyto Shad lure (the most effective Walleye lure ever developed) to the state of the art Walleye floats - we are committed to excel and push the boundaries of technological innovation in sport fishing industry.

Please feel free to visit our corporate photo gallery to see how we spend time on the water testing our products and having fun at the same time.

catfish fishing 6327 204-21 204-01

Item: 6327-026
Price $ 3.49
26.0 g - .92 oz

Item: 204-21-080
Price $ 2.99
8.0 g - .28 oz

Item: 204-01-150
Price $ 3.25
15.0 g - .53 oz

Select desired model or buy all 3 floats and SAVE! Walleye Fishing Floats. Bentley walleye fishing 3 pack includes all three bobbers shown in above selection;
- One custom painted slip bobber designed to accommodate 4.5 mm chemical light sticks that can be used for high visibility bite indicator during night fishing.
Model # 6327-026 (26.0 g - .92 oz) - picture provided above
- One balsa wood slip bobber designed for day and night fishing for walleyes.
Model # 204-21-080 (8.0 g - .28 oz) - picture provided above
- One revolutionary side slip bobber - click here to read more about side slip bobbers, see rigging methods and their benefits.
Model # 204-01-150 (15.0 g - .53 oz) - picture provided above

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Walleye Fishing
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