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New bobber mixers for 2017

BFUSA mixers- Best Cutsoms Floats in USA

New sets. Randomly mixed BFUSA floats. Each set is mixed from our extensive selection of custom floats and bobbers. Custom sets come as randomly packaged panfishing floats / micro-panfiishing floats / river floats / night fishing floats / slip bobbers as well as specialty floats exclusively crafted for Euro and Russian fishing market. Each set differs from other sets in color / shape & style of floats. It's time to make your tackle box shine. Impress your friends for less. If your are serious about float fishing - you will NOT be dissapointed with our quality. Catch more fish with BFUSA.

15 PACKS for 25.00 ( plus S&H) / 35 PACKS for 50.00 ( free shipping and handling ).

Model Number / Size Weight Color Style Add to the Cart

15 pkg / 35 pkg





Shipping & Handling: Flat $4.95 S&H for all orders below $50.00. FREE SHIPPING on BFUSA sport fishing products for orders of $ 50.00 or more. S&H specials are not applicable for international orders. For world wide freight forwarding contact our export department at sales@bentleyfishing.com or simply click on below shipping and handling icon for more info. Bentley Fishing USA fully complies with all U.S export control laws and regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law prohibited. For the complete list of countries with shipping embargoes click here.

Click here to view S&H page! View domestic (US) shipping rates and international forwarding fees

2015 Polish / American Ice Fishing Derby - WIND LAKE Wisconsin

2015 Ice fishing derby

2015 polish_american ice fishing derby

Click here to view photo gallery from our 2015 ice fishing event.

Ice Fishing Derby ( Wind Lake WI 2015 )
List of participating sponsors.

Relax – Poland ( Witold Kowalczyk )
Wirek – Poland ( Ireneusz Michalski )
Shark – Poland  ( Piotr Sip )
Vimba – Poland ( Mariola i Dariusz Ciechanowski )
Rox – Poland ( Krystyna Sniadecka )
Woblery Drozdek  – Poland ( Rzenata I Robert Drozdek )
Bentley Fishing USA – Jacob & Kathy Kowalczyk
Team Relax USA ( NJ,NY) – Wlodzimierz Lesiak
St Croix USA – Jeff Schluter
LGT – Lee’s Global Tackle – John Moy
National Ice Team of Poland – Dariusz Jankowski

Polvision – USA
Polski FM 92.7FM – USA

Logistics & Food:
Team Relax USA
Agnieszka Latka
Katarzyna Zawislak
Malgorzata Swiatlowska

2015 Polish / American Ice Fishing Derby - WIND LAKE Wisconsin

February 7th 2015

02-07-15 Wind Lake Wisconsin. Click here to view photos from our 2014 event. 2015 event will include monetary as well as product prices from BFUSA as well as many other US and Polish sport fishing manufacturers. More info will follow. Early registartion fee will include food, drinks as well as entry fee.

Early registration: $ 40.00
Send $ 40.00 Via Paypal: jaroslaw414@gmail.com
Via check:
Send check for $ 40.00 to :
Jaroslaw Latka
W251 S 4500 Oak View Dr.
Waukesha WI 53188
Mention “Ice Fishing Derby “

Ice Fishing derby

Invitation in Polish language for our Polish / American angles from SHY TOWN. Host of the 2nd annual Polish/American ice fishing derby - Rafal Z. Team Relax Lures USA.


11-24-14. New Team Relax winter fishing hats.

Relax Lures -hats

11-24-14. Join Team Relax Lures - North American branch. Click here to B 1 of us!

Join our TEAM

02-08-14. Polish Ice Fishing Derby

Fun time at 2014 Polish ice fishing derby. Wind Lake Wisconsin. Click here to view more photos from this event.Ice Fishing derby

11-29-13. Show schedule 2013/2014.

Bentley Fishing USA division of Expodex Corporation (Poland) is pleased to continue our business relationship with Keeper Lures. Please look for Bentley fishing products at trade show exhibits presented under 2013/2014 show schedule list. Bentley Fishing tackle selection including hand crafted baits and custom marmooshka jigs will be available for direct purchase from team Keeper Lures. Experienced and knowledgeable staff, hands on experience with Bentley Fishing tackle – expect to see deep discounts and new product showcase.

December 6 -  8th, 2013   21st  Annual St Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show
Booth 431. St Paul Rivercentre   St Paul, MN.

December 13 - 15, 2013    Wisconsin Ice Fishing Show. Booth 236.
Patriot Center  Rothschild, WI  (A suburb of Wausau, Wi)

January 9 - 12th, 2014  Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit. Booth 2157.
Suburban Collection Showplace  Novi, MI

January 23 - 26th, 2014  Chicagoland Fishing Travel & Outdoor Expo
Booth  113. Schaumburg Convention Center - Schaumburg, IL

February 8 - 9th, 2014    21st Annual Tinley Park Fishing & Outdoors Show
Booth A65. Tinley Park High School. Tinley Park, IL.                   

February 21 - 23, 2014     29th Annual Fishing Expo    Booth 908
Exhibition Hall at Alliant Energy Center    Madison, WI

10-07-13 New product !- Bobber Fishing Swivels (Ball-Bearing Swivels with Interlock Snap)
Revolutionizing bobber fishing in North America!
New Bentley Fishing Ball- Bearing Swivels with Interlocking Snap. Engineered with military-grade high strength stainless steel. Equipped with unique copolymer attachments. Connections that are designed to prevent line frying and allocate free gliding of the swivel on the fishing line. This basic and ergonomic design is widely used in slip bobber fishing as well as other types of fishing where perfect bait presentation becomes a key attribute in attracting slow biting fish. Bentley Fishing swivel snaps are designed to work with all fishing bobbers including all BFUSA custom fishing bobbers
Our radical fishing swivels are not only easy to use; they turn ordinary bobbers into slip bobbers. Click here to order...

Bentley fishing swivels

9-01-13 New RELAX soft plastic frogs! Spectacular live action. Revolutionary soft plastic frogs. Relax Lures brings Relax Frogs!you the finest soft plastic frog baits, specifically tailored to maximize your bass fishing experience. Together with unprecedented fish attracting action and stunning swim stroke, Relax frog lures deliver the full impact in top water bass fishing. Our soft plastic frogs are loaded with exclusive advancements in sport fishing tackle engineering available today. Spectacular live action of our soft plastic frogs will forever transform the way you fish.
The line between perception and reality has finally ended. New revolutionary bass fishing frogs are finally here. Frogs designed by professionals for professionals. Frog baits crafted by the best manufacturer of soft lures - RELAX LURES. Designed for Smallmouth Bass and PURE Largemouth Bass fishing.
Recommended for professional sport fishing tournaments as well as amateur bass fishing. Product exclusively manufactured for European fishing market.

Remarkable attention to detail.
Designed for professional by professionals.
Surpasses the standards of flawlessness.
Superior swim action.
Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance. 
Open architecture for flexibility and custom rigging.
The tendency to sit in a more upright position in the water allows it to be a perfect choice for choppy water conditions.
Capable to generate accurate and long casts.
Truly evolutionary body structure - offers best possible stability in rough waters.

8-25-13 Monster Pike fishing in Spain with Relax KOPYTO shads. The Best of Soft Lures !European mastermind, worldwide renowned American craftsmanship- an ideal blend of perfect harmony. Such accord is represented in each and every lure crafted by RELAX engineers. A perfect harmony of superb quality and innovations, a perfect harmony of quality and dependability, the perfect lure for demanding anglers. What are Kopyto Shads!

Fishing in spain with Relax luresKopyto Shads are considered as the most effective soft plastic lures ever invented.
1999 Gold medal winner at the prestigious sport fishing industry Expo in Poland. Kopyto Shad was invented by Relax Lures founder and well-known walleye fisherman Witold (Victor) Kowalczyk in early 1990’s in the country of Poland. His vision of ideal bait was articulated with the lure that was entirely groundbreaking and delivered deadly punch when it Relax Kopyto Shadscomes to spin fishing for predatory fish. Invention of Kopyto Shads was an absolute sensation on the East European sport fishing market, quickly spreading to all neighboringcountries and continents.Kopyto Shads represent a technological marvel that allows anglers around the world experience pure spin fishing sensation just the way it was meant to be. Aggressive, adrenaline pumping and super effective. Fishing with Kopyto shads lets you experience connectivity with nature. Ii is an experience so real you may just pinch yourself. It is a revolutionary soft plastic lure precisely tailored to your fishing style. Whether you are an aggressive angler who enjoys trolling, quick casting and retrieving, or maybe your technique evolves much slower speeds like fishing on the drop or jigging close to the bottom, Kopyto Shads will always adopt to you specific fishing technique.

This lure is crafted to outperform any other plastic lures on the market. Cast after cast will awaken its pure technological innovation. Kopyto Shads are engineered to a new exiting level of performance in sport fishing lures. From its fantastic fish attracting tail action to a precisely contoured body angles, Relax Kopyto Shads redefines traditional limitations in lure designs Kopyto shads will completely change the way you fish. And that’s just a beginning; with technological innovations, Relax Kopyto Shads attract more fish, provides perfect bait presentation in all fishing conditions and water coloration. With the most extensive array of color combinations among all soft baits fishing manufactures and wide range in finishing styles starting with laminated shads to printed shads we guarantee you will find a perfect match for your trophy fish.

Brace yourself; awaken your mind to a technological innovation in sport fishing industry.
Prepare for a whole new level of excitement. Experience the best of soft lures- RELAX LURES. Exclusively manufactured in the USA for Euro fishing markets.

RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (small sizes) are deadly for Perch soft bait fishing.
RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (medium sizes) are designed for Walleye and Bass soft plastic fishing
RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (large sizes) are perfect for Pike, Musky and other predatory fish. They have been also used in deep-sea fishing, commonly used in fishing Baltic Sea as well as hunting big fish in frigid waters of Russia.

08-15-13 Prepare for a night fishing experience that defies the imagination with one of the most technologically advanced Bentley Fishing night fishing floats and bobbers. Experience night fishing the way it was intended to be. BFUSA fabricates the Bentley Night Floatsbest and most complete line of night bobbers in North America. All of our hand crafted night floats are specifically designed for night fishing walleyes, pike, musky, catfish, perch or any other aggressively feeding fish. Our unending devotion to excel in research and development allowed our team of engineers to create the most visible and sensitive night bobbers on the market. Our exclusive designs allow for a 4.5 mm chemical light stick (available in any sport fishing shop ) to be securely inserted inside the float structure. This ergonomic and creative option makes our night fishing floats stable and visible under any weather conditions without the loss of superb bite sensitivity. Spice your night fishing experience with America’s best night fishing bobbers- Bentley Night Bobbers. Click here to select World’s finest night fishing floats!
08-10-13 New page dedicated to Spanish speaking fishing anglers.
Fishing in SpainBentley Fishing USA Pro Anglers in Spain share their knowledge and tournament winning fishing techniques. Read more >>

Fishing articles, fishing news, fishing tips from our Spanish pro fishing team. All about fishing in Spanish for Spanish speaking fishing anglers from North and South America. Julio Bolaños Rico – is one of the most distinguished professional pike anglers in Spain. His knowledge and expertise in professional sport fishing is commonly known in Spain and Spanish language speaking countries. Julio as a member of Bentley Fishing Team will familiarize Spanish speaking anglers in North America with his tournament winning fishing techniques.

07-07-13 The overhaul of our US based operations is on the way. Our company’s streamline in business operations will not only take effect on our regional distribution partners, this process will also affect our direct online sales as well as redeployment of additional dealer locations throughout the states.  To ensure quality at Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA), we have implemented new measures of performance allowing us to recognize if such standards are being met by our teams in Europe and North America. Such measurements implemented by our teams in the USA helped our company to determine new strategic roadmap. A new map that will put more attention for final user (fishing angler). Our company will emphasize more devotion into the needs of our clients in order to craft more products suited for specific regions of the country as well as provide more direct attention to direct dealer cooperation which in fact will allow you to purchase our products at very competitive price. Our migration to a more direct manufacturer to dealer direct sales structure is expected to take effect immediately. Such migration will be exclusively implemented for our North American operations merely due to the fact that underperformance of regional wholesale teams did not allow our end users (anglers) to be able to purchase more extensive selection of our products. Exciting changes are on the way.

We are always a cast ahead and continue serving anglers in numerous countries with tackle selection that meets and exceeds expectations of devoted anglers around the world. Team BFUSA.


04-11-12 3rd International  Bassextreme in Spain.

04-06-12 Happy Easter Bentley Fishing Nation.

Bentley Fishing Nation - Easter special

2012 World Ice Fishing Championships - complete video selection from day 1 to finish. View ice fishing tactics, styles, equipment and much more….

February 12, 2012
Bronze Medals for National Ice Team Poland (representing Frabil USA, Relax Lures Poland & Bentley Fishing USA )

2012 World Ice Fishing Championships in Kazakhstan.
Bumble Bee jigs are stinging again!!!!

Final Results;
Belarus - Gold Medals
Ukraine - Silver Medals
Ice Team Poland - Bronze Medals

February 02, 2012

World Ice Fishing Championships ( Kazakhsatn 2012 ) Testing of Bentley Ice Jigs continues in 2012. Yet again Bentley Fishing marmoosha jigs will be put to the ultimate test in the hands of Polish National Ice Fishing Team: fighting against Europe’s best national ice fishing anglers during 2012 World Ice Fishing Championships.
This time Europe’s top ice teams will compete for GOLD in Kazakhstan.
Polish Ice Fishing Team -  Kazakhstan 2012

Our previous accomplishments at World Ice Fishing Circuits:
2010 – Silver medals (with marginal point’s difference behind home team of USA) during WIFC in Rhinelander USA.
2011 – Silver medals (with marginal point’s difference behind home team of Ukraine) during WIFC in Ukraine.

January 29, 2012

BFUSA *Jack Custom Baits* are coming to North America. ETA March 2012.

Jack - Bentley Custom BaitsWell…. the news is spreading rapidly. Yes this is a true fact, Bentley “underground” JACK Custom Baits are coming to North America. Let us first explain the meaning of “underground lures”. For many years Jack custom baits have been hand crafted in minimal quantities exclusively for sport fishing industry members. Our baits have been secretly created for Bentley’s best performing European distributors, dealers with no intention to pursue any further direct (public) retail sales. Needless to say, Bentley Jack crank baits were simply treated as a token of appreciation in our business to business transactions. The time has passed the news of effectiveness of Jack baits feasted between our clients and general public. The news quickly spread out from Europe to North America to Canada and as far as Australia.

With this in mind, our company is delighted to announce that Bentley’s Jack Custom Polish Baits will be available for purchase in North America starting March of 2012.
Initial preorders will take place in February of 2012.

January 26, 2012

Bentley Fishing Marmoosha jigs will be available for purchase during
2012 -The Chicago Outdoor Sportsmen Show
January 26 – 29 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL
Visit Keeper Lures – exhibit # 707 for pricing and availability.

December 19, 2011

May joy and happiness snow on you
May Santa be extra good to you!
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! from Bentley Fishing USA

November 28, 2011

2011 St. Paul Ice Fishing Show!

Bentley Fishing Tarantula Jigs will be available for purchase at 2011 St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show. Please visit booth # 431 (Keeper Lures). Keeper Lures has been exclusively authorized by Bentley fishing USA to carry original BFUSA Tarantula jigs at the ice show in Minnesota. Keeper Lures will also display a wide variety of Bentley Fishing custom bobbers.

Show dates, location and hours;
December 2 - 4, 2011
St. Paul RiverCentre
175 Kellogg Boulevard West
St. Paul, MN 55102
Show Hours
Friday: 1pm – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

In addition, feel free to swing by our friends at Frabill where Bentley Fishing USA Pro-Staff Ziby & Jacek will be more than happy to answer all questions you may have about BFUSA Tarantula jigs.


October 24, 2011

October 28, 29 and 30th of 2011 -  VXII Open De Lucio - Spain’s most prestigious Pike fishing Tournament.
Where – Lake Orellana ( Province of Extremadura –Spain)
Best of luck for our team Marek Paterak i Tomasz Torba (Team Spinninglocura/Team Relax Espańa)

Open de Lucio - Pike Tournament (Spain) Team Relax

September 6, 2011 Success Comes with Great Partnerships. From The best to the best.

Special thank you awards were dedicated to the management team of Frabill for their partnership in supporting National Ice Fishing Team of Poland during team’s participation in World Ice Fishing Championships. Custom handmade trophies were presented to Frabill by Relax Lures Poland (main sponsor of National Ice Team of Poland) as a token of appreciation for their mutual partnership in sponsoring ice team Poland. Trophies we personally funded by president of Relax Lures Poland – Mr. Witold ( Victor ) Kowalczyk.

July 28, 2011- New look for 204-01 Slip Slide Walleye, Perch, Pike custom fishing bobbers.

Bentley Fishing custom floats -model #204-01 - click on image to see more...

July 19, 2011 - Congrats to Frabill for winning Best New Apparel Award at 2011 ICAST.
Dear Members of Team Frabill,

You have proven the skeptics wrong and accomplished what
most said was impossible.
There is no doubt that your recent achievements will be
spoken of for some time to come and that the admiration
for your accomplishments is felt by all of us within the
industry as well as the general public.
Please accept my heartiest congratulations for your success at 2011 ICAST.
Once again you have proven that Frabill’s outdoor apparel is the ultimate choice for America’s sport fishing enthusiasts.

National Ice Team - PolandWith the combination of your best in class apparel and our specialized ice tackle we have won 2 silver medals at World Ice fishing Championships back to back in 2010(USA) and recently in 2011(Ukraine). Our Ice Team is entirely committed to battle all international ice teams for the ultimate winning prize - GOLD MEDALS in 2012.

Best Regards
Entire staff of;
BENTLEY FISHING USA - Manufacturer of custom fishing bobbers and specialized ice jigs.
RELAX LURES POLAND – Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of soft plastic lures.
National Ice Team Poland; including team Captain, trainers, coaches and all team members.

 July 9, 2011 - New Side Slip (jigging) night fishing bobbers. Coming this month!

204-08 - side slip bobber204-08 bobber is a perfect fit for night fishing Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and (or) Walleye fishing.

Engineered from super lightweight Argentinean balsa wood for superb buoyancy.

Award - winning (SSF) Side-Slip-Float construction. Side-Slip-Float configuration allows for optimum control while fishing for predatory species in great variations of water depths.

Offers best possible stability in live bait applications.
Premium visibility in daytime and low-light conditions.

Specifically designed to accommodate a vast array of4.5mm brightly illuminated glow sticksfor an ultimate visibility in night fishing applications.

July 7, 2011-(GIS) – Geographic Information System. New service – coming soon to Bentley Fishing USA site.

New Bentley Fishing Geo-Data - coming soon. Search for best selling Bentley Bobbers within your fishing region!Bentley Fishing USA team is currently working in conjunction with our information systems team from  Poland on the new geographic information system database. The new GIS is a specialized type of data precisely matched to reveal most popular Bentley fishing Bobbers sold within specific fishing areas throughout all 50 states. The main advantage of this spatial database, over file-based data, is the ability to quickly asses what particular Bentley Bobbers are used the most by anglers who fish within your region. This new data database has been created to ease the process of selecting Bentley fishing bobbers from our extensive arrays of colors, models, sizes and styles. Also, a database’s architecture will support multiple users simultaneously. The structure of the data base will be updated on daily basis giving end user an opportunity to view up to date information’s on what type of fishing bobber is mostly used within your fishing area.  
Information System Team
Expodex Corporation Poland – Bentley Fishing USA
Always a cast ahead

June 8, 2011 - Bentley Fishing USA Regional Sales Team Changes.
Carp Fishing Now joins BFUSA.

With the introduction in recent years of technologically innovative sport fishing tackle, as custom fishing bobbers, radical panfishing / ice fishing jigs and patented sport fishing accessories and tools - the Bentley Fishing USA network has experienced a rapid increase in its customer base. Carp Fishing Now will play crucial roles in strengthening our company’s presents within US based tackle shops located in the sales region of Illinois State and Wisconsin emphasizing their deep understanding of our company’s technology, values and innovative thinking. Carp Fishing Now organization has an excellent reputation with the dealers, customers and professional anglers within their sales regions.
Bentley Fishing USA division of Expodex Corporation (Poland) is pleased to welcome members of Carp Fishing Now as the new regional sales team.

06-05-2011 - Bentley Fishing USA fully supports young fishing anglers of America.
Bentley Fishing USA at annual kids fishing derby.

Polish Fishing and Hunting Club hosted the tournament at Busse Lake located in Elk Grove Village IL. We would like to express gratitude to Polish Fishing and Hunting Club of North America for organizing such great event and fully supporting development of young anglers in America.

To view this photo slideshow you need to have Flash Player 9 or newer installed and JavaScript enabled.

06-02-11 - Our fishing team in Poland celebrates annual RELAX LURES Walleye season opening extravaganza.
With Polish tradition - a full week of walleye fishing, entertainment, food and drinks shared with Europe’s best fishing anglers, industry associates and members of sport fishing media. This annual event is organized and exclusively sponsored by RELAX Lures. During this special occasion our team from RELAX will unveil new upcoming designs in soft plastic product selection. While festivities will continue until the end of this week, members from Polish and European professional anglers will have a chance to test new soft plastic baits as well as suggest new ideas and improvements that they would like to see in the future of RELAX soft plastic baits.
Pictures from 2011 Relax Lures Walleye event will be posted next by our colleagues at Relax Lures.
Note – picture provided in this post is from the 2010 event.

So to all of our colleagues , management of Relax Lures as well as all honored guests having good time at this event – we say “Na Zdrowie “, “ Salud ” , “здоровья ” , “Cheers”  and happy walleye hunting.   

05-31-11 - Fixed rigging – micro panfishng floats. Designed strictly for enthusiasts of panfishing. Detect feather like strikes, 202-34 light weihjt panfishing floatsexperience best in class shy bite sensitivity, discover new 202-34 micro panfishing floats – exclusively fabricated for blue gill fishing, sunfish, and perch fishing. Each individual micro panfishing bobber is manufactured by hand from best quality light weight Argentinean balsa wood with the addition of flexible carbon composite stem.

Click here to read more

05-09-11 - 204-00 big game floats - night fishing bobbers - click on image to view new sizesJust arrived - NEW model 204-00-020 – recommended for small to medium size live bait fishing and night fishing. Building material: Super dense balsa wood originated from best balsa wood growers in Argentina. Designed for Northern Pike, Musky, Walleye, and Catfish fishing. 204-00 custom bobbers feature fishing line eyelet located at the bottom end of the float’s stem that is specifically suited for smooth line passage as well as two way rigging methods : stationary-fixed and slip bobber method.

Click here to read more


New revolutionary fishing bobbers designed for jigging.

Below selection of Bentley Fishing bobbers is exclusively designed with (SSF) Side Slip Float technology. This award winning design allows for optimum control while fishing for predatory species in great variations of water depths. It offers best possible stability combined with superb sensitivity and increased shy bite detection. Each individual Side Slip Float is equipped with silky smooth line eyelets designed to minimize abrasion created by the fishing line passing though the body of the bobber. Unlike regular slip bobbers – in Bentley Fishing Side Slip Floats, line passage is built to the side of the bobber which in fact makes it a lot easier to control drift of the bobber and improves strike indication.The SSF design also improves the flow of the line inside the body of the bobber and makes it perfectly suited for best bait presentation while bobber jigging.

Point your mouse and click on the bobber of your choice to see its technical data, product details as well as rigging methods.

Slip Slide Bobbers 204-01 click on image to explore 204-29 click on image to explore 204-30 click on image to explore 204-37 click on image to explore 204-40 click on image to explore The excellence in design does not stop here – you can also use our custom Side Slip jigging bobbers for night fishing.
Each individual side slip bobber is manufactured by hand in our EU quality controlled and quality certified facility located in Poland. 
On the laughing note – many North American anglers refer to our bobbers as “Polish Candies” – and candies we craft – the sweetest looking bobbers in America.

Click here to view recommended sport fishing jigs suited to fit our custom side slip jigging bobbers.


Bentley Fishing USA – Revolutionizing bobber fishing in North America.


Highly anticipated Bentley TARANTULA JIGS are back in stock.
North American’s most radically designed panfishing jigs - Bentley Fishing Tarantula Jigs.
Featured in In-Fisherman magazine  as “HOT NEW PRODUCTS for 2011”
Three hinged hooks –providing individual flare-flutter action for three baits.  
Bentley Fishing USA – Revolutionizing panfishing in America.



New custom slip bobbers – click here to discover ( Model 204-16).


New arrival – Bentley Fishing slip bobbers (Model 204-44) – click here to view.

Breaking NEWS !

Bentley Fishing JIGS - product information update. The true origin of pro-series Bentley Marmoosha Jigs.

Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) will no longer be obedient to the ongoing allegations posted on North American fishing forums by anglers who simply have no knowledge of our company’s ethical values.

Below corporate message is intended to clear all skepticism that currently takse place along ice anglers of North America in regards to the true origin of our custom Svarowski crystalMarmoosha jigs.

Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) is privileged to announce that our sport fishing jigs sold under Bentley Bugs, Bentley Bumble Bee and Bentley Tarantula brand names are 100% percent of RUSSIAN origin. We are proud to announce that our company is the only firm based in North America that utilize name of Marmoosha JIG ( known throughout the World as genuine Ice jigs from RUSSIA ) in the most appropriate and professional manner. As mentioned in above selection, our product assortments are 100% genuine Marmoosha jigs.  Unlike many North American sport fishing companies, our company and our company’s manufacturing partners do not sell technology and design projects to CHINA. In order to protect interest of our company, our firms’ employees, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors- all Expodex Corporation ( BFUSA) manufacturing processes are closely guarded with an IRON FIST. The true manufacturing process of making genuine tungsten jigs by our supplier from Russia is also guarded with highest secrecy  and with no circumstances it would be sold to world’s other jigs manufacturers. Please be advised that ice jigs coming from suppliers located in other countries than RUSSIA are not considered as original Marmoosha jigs. Be fully advised of where do you purchase your marmoosha jigs and what sources will offer such product for sale. Only Bentley Marmoosha jigs are fully certified as Genuine (Original) Russian Marmoosha Jigs and are only available at exclusive dealer locations in United States that are authorized to trade Bentley Jigs to North American anglers.  Be advised that jigs from countries like Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden or Scandinavia are not in any way manufactured with the same technology and raw material content signified in our selection of genuine original RUSSIAN military grade Tungsten jigs. We are the original suppliers of high grade RUSSIAN tungsten jigs for North American market. 
In addition the process of manufacturing copies is exactly descried by one of North American ice anglers who posted his dishonest findings in regards to our closely guarded manufacturing process.
We quote Those jigs and the "Bumble" jigs with the Swarovski crystals that everyone is raving about aren't solid tungsten. They're tungsten powder mixed with epoxy and poured into a mold with the hook inserted into the mold. Look at the hook and the eye, you can tell it's a solid hook. These jigs are only slightly denser than lead and not worth the extra $$$, for the obvious reason that they're not pure tungsten. They're tungsten powder mixed with epoxy glue”
Expodex Corporation ( BFUSA) would like to comment on this corrupt allegation and point out that Tungsten ( Wolfram) powder mixes are not used in our production of jigs. We cannot provide any additional details on the production process of manufacturing our sport fishing jigs.
Bentley Fishing  jigs ARE crafted by the FINEST company in RUSSIA. A manufacturer with decades of expertise. A manufacturer whose entire designing team has spent decades working closely with Soviet and now Russian military designing projects involving high density metals fabrication. A true RUSIAN secret is NOT for SALE to anyone.
We are the source to the only and original WOLFRAM ( TUNGSTEN ) jigs in the North America.
Expodex Corporation  ( BFUSA) would like to point that our company does not subcontract, manufacture and use raw materials from any Asian countries including China.
We fully utilize Polish, Russian and US craftsmanship in designing and fabrication our sport fishing tackle selection.
Legal notice: Expodex Corporation does not boycott in any way North American or any other World companies having business relationship involving manufacturing, export and import of ready to use sport fishing merchandise from China. The information in above selection is intended to clarify that Expodex Corporation’s sport fishing Marmoosha jigs or any other selection of sport fishing tackle represented in our product selection is not of Chinese origin.

Always a Cast Ahead
Bentley Fishing USA
Division of Expodex Corporation –Poland


Final Day of the World Ice Fishing Championships


2011 Ukraine - World Ice Fishing Championships

Final day of the event. As forecasted, host of the World Ice Fishing Championships win Gold.

National Ice Team of Ukraine – GOLD MEDAL
National Ice Team of Poland – SILVER MEDAL ( Ice Team Relax Lures Poland / Ice Team Frabill USA )
National Ice Team of Lithuania – BRONZE MEDAL

Bentley Fishing jigs used by National Ice Fishing Team of Poland won silver medals back to back at World Ice Fishing Championships. Click here to view our Wold Ice Fishing Championships collection of jigs.

The jigs - that wan silver medals on World Ice Fishing Championships - 2 years in the row - click on image for more info

More info coming soon ( images, videos, individual results, team results )


2011 Ukraine - World Ice Fishing Championships

First day of the event.
Team standings:
First place – Ice Team Ukraine.
Second place – Ice Team Lithuania.
Third place – Ice Team Poland
. ( Ice Team Relax Lures / Ice Team Frabil )
4th place – Ice Team Belarus
5th place – Ice Team Latvia
6th place – Ice Team Russia
Ice Team USA is currently on the 8th position.


Ice Fishing Championships 2011VIII World Ice Fishing Championships.
Pechenezhskoye Lake, Ukraine February 5th and 6th of 2011.

Prefishing in progress. Bentley Fishing Bumble Bee are again on testing grounds in the hands of Polish National Ice Team this time in Ukraine.Best of luck for the team.  
Key sponsor of the Polish National Ice Fishing Team.
Frabill, Relax Lures Poland ( makers of legendary KOPYTO SHADS ), Marcum Technologies.

Polish Ice Fishing Team is honored to be sponsored by FRABILL USA. Team Frabill is supplying Ice Team Poland with highest quality ice suits and winter fishing gear.The best ice fishing suits available on the market.  Currently Frabill suits are used by professional icemen fishing Europe’s harshest winter environments demonstrating that Ukraine, Poland and even subfreezing Siberian climate will not stand against Frabill ground-breaking snow suit design.  

Krzysztof Zakrzewski - Capitan of Polish National Ice Team - Testing Bumble Bee Jigs Breaking news- National Ice Team of Ukraine requested World Ice Fishing officials for disciplinary action against Ice Team Poland during today’s prefishing. Reason – Ice Team Poland usage of sophisticated Marcum ice sonars and fish finders. Would this be just another low blow given by the members of the National Ice Team of Ukraine for last year disqualification given to one of their ice team members which ironically was presented to the ice fishing association by the Polish official. Use of electronics is not prohibited during pre fishing. Electronics are strictly prohibited during the competition time. The fear of other teams is obvious – Marcum electronics provide a huge advantage while prefishing, in some cases as provided above it may even steer a conflict between national ice fishing teams.



Relax - Ice Team Poland - click on image to view larger imageNew 2011 team shirts for Polish National Ice Fishing Team featuring Bentley Bumble Bee Marmoosha Jigs.

Ice Team RELAX. Team Relax Lures -Poland

Ice Team Poland at World's VIII Ice Fishing Championships in Ukraine.

Click on image to see more detail.

Members of the Polish National Ice Team participating in World's VIII Ice Fishing Championships: Coach - Krzysztof Zakrzewski, Robert Florczak, Sławomir Żołądź, Dariusz Jankowski, Tomasz Nysztal, Piotr Kowalewski, Andrzej Gorolewski, Artur Szczygieł, Jacek Urbański, Roman Cyfra.


America's Outdoor Show - click on image to exploreJanuary 26 - 30, 2011
Stephens Convention Center - Rosemont, IL
Visit us at 32 nd annual fishing and hunting show. Chicagoland’s Largest & Longest Running Sportshow. Booth #838.Visit our exhibit and see what’s coming for 2011 fishing season. Meet our team and have a chance to win professional Bentley Fishing Pro-Staff shirt with your name on it. More info at the show. No purchase necessary.
For more information on America's longest running sport fishing show click here


Custom Ball-Bearing Swivels – NEW! BFUSA bobber fishing accessories.
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Bentley Fishing -bobber fishing swivelsNew product - ETA November 2010 - Bentley Fishing USA - Bobber Fishing Swivels ( Ball-Bearing Swivels with Interlock Snap )





Relax -Kopyto Shads - Fishing for Big Pikes in Spain - click on image to see more BFUSA pro fishing staff from SPAIN – new article – Monster Pike fishing with RELAX KOPYTO shads.

New fishing articles from our professional fishing team in Europe -Spain.
Articles are written in Spanish language – they can be easily translated right on our page – enjoy and dream big.

Click here to read more >>>





5th Annual Chad Morgenthaler Bass Tournament -Special Olympics Illinois

Bentley Fishing USA (Expodex Corporation) is proud to be a part of 5th Annual Chad Morgenthaler Bass Tournament to benefit Special Olympics Illinois Aug. 27 at Rend Lake in southern Illinois.

The first four years of the tournament raised more than $100,000 for Special Olympics Illinois. Special Olympics Illinois is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization helping athletes with intellectual disabilities.


Please visit Special Olimpics Illinois for more information about this exceptional event.


Click here to learn more about Chad Morgenthaler - Pro Bass Fisherman and his contribution to this special event.



Bentley Fishing - World Press Blog - click on image to enterNew Bentley Fishing Blog

Visit our company’s fishing Blog for up to date product information, new tackle releases, future plans and corporate news.

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Marcum Technologies -Bentley Fishing News Las Vegas – On Tuesday, July 13th, Bentley Fishing – Relax Lures Poland Jacek Gawlinski attended North American largest sport fishing industry show - ICAST 2010. Jacek honored MarCum Technologies with Recognition Award.
A special thank you was presented by Bentley Fishing Jacek Gawlinski to the Marcum team for providing full support for our pro staff – National Ice Team Poland participating and winning silver medals at the 2010 World Ice Fishing Championships in Rhinelander WI.

Bentley Fishing -Jacek Gawlinski presenting an award for Murcum at 2010 ICAST
Visit Marcum Technologies at http://www.marcumtech.com/ for more info on battery chargers, monitors, fishing sonars and underwater viewing systems. "The ice is nice / Fish on " - Marcum Technologies.


Las Vegas – On Thursday, March 25th, Bentley Fishing – Relax Lures Poland Jacek Gawlinski attended North American largest sport fishing industry show (ICAST 2010)
Jacek honored Frabill USA with Industry Recognition Award for providing new 2010 award winning ice snowsuits for our National Ice Team Poland who participated in World’s 7th Ice Fishing Championships.


Thank you letter for Frabill USA from all members of our Polish National Ice Team.

“Thank you for your full support during World’s 7th Ice Fishing Championship.
As you know our team won silver medals. We are currently the number 1 professional ice fishing team in Europe. Thanks to your generosity we are the number one ice team wearing number one ice fishing suits- Frabill Snow Suits.

Poland and Europe overall are truly a land of many challenges during ice fishing season.
We can not always relay on long fishing seasons like you guys do in United States, but when the season comes we really do make the best attempts to enjoy ice fishing to the maximum limit. Many say with humor that ice fishing season ends in Poland with horrific drowning of an ice fishing angler – as horrific as it sounds – some times it is in fact the truth.


Our ice team was privileged to test you new ice fishing suits during championships.
What we found was a piece to the puzzle that was missing in our standard ice fishing equipment arsenal. Not only our team looked good presenting your company’s snow suits, we also felt comfortable on ice wearing them. Ice fishing tournaments of such magnitude are in no way comparable to standard everyday slow paced ice fishing. As you know all members of opposing teams including our team had to manually drill holes and constantly change positions within sectors to find fish. Frabill snowsuits allowed us to do such progress with speed needed to position ourselves on the fish with effortless freedom of movement. Needles to say we were warm, comfy, quick and on the way to get the job done. And we did it with the help from Frabill. We won sliver medals but your help and full support for our ice team was as good as gold."

Relax, Bentley Fishing, Frabill Ice TeamIce Team Poland

Piotr Stepniak

Piotr Kowalewski

Tomasz Nysztal

Rober Florczak

Andrzej Gorlewski

Dariusz Jankowski

Krzysztof Zakrzewski

Slawomir Zoladz




A special thanks for those who helped us the most during VII World Ice Fishing Championships
Marcum USA for providing our team with top quality ice fishing flashers.
Bentley Fishing USA ( Expodex Corporation Poland ) for providing our team with ice fishing jigs ( Bentley Bumble Bee – Swarovski crystals jigs )

Highlighting our commitment to customer service - new target for 2010- 2011 sport fishing season

Bentley Fishing leadership in sport fishing bobber’s innovation and new product development has been always our team’s number one agenda.

Continuation of research and development is a commitment that we as the company must prolong in order to stay ahead from our competition.

Our new strategy has been rolled out to our offices in Poland as well as our office in USA. In order to improve our competitive advantage we will advance our processes that further enhance superior customer satisfaction.

BFUSA service providers (dealers and distributors) interact with our customers and their orders on nearly every transaction. Building strong relationships with our network of service providers continues to be a primary focus. Our new strategy focal point is commitment to new level in customer service as well as protection of our network.

The target for 2010- 2011 sport fishing season is to grant our service providers with new expanded product documentation, training, instruction booklets, information toolkits targeting our product descriptions, building components and proper usage of our sport fishing gear.



Bentley Fishing USA fully supports young fishing anglers of America.

Bentley Fishing USA at annual kids fishing derby.
Polish Fishing and Hunting Club hosted the tournament at Busse Lake located in Elk Grove Village IL.
Over 150 young participants turned up at the event ages from 3 to 14.
Bentley Fishing supplied custom fishing bobbers as well as highly desired Relax shads for all children participating in this special fishing competition.

We would like to express gratitude to Polish Fishing and Hunting Club of North America for organizing such great event and fully supporting development of young anglers in America.

Special thanks to Lee’s Bait and Tackle (Bentley Fishing USA, Chicago- land district premier outlet) for supplying live bait at the annual kids fishing derby.

Bentley Fishing USA team fishing for Salmon and lake trout at port of Ludington Michigan.

Our team was fortunate to fish with Dough Strzynski owner of Ludington Polcat fishing charters and President of legendary YECK lures.
For great fish action, exiting fresh water fishing, fishing King Salmon, lake Trout, Coho Steelheads and guaranteed memories that will last a lifetime, contact Capt. Doug.


BFUSA highly recommends Polcat fishing charter of Ludington MI.

For more information and reservations visit http://www.ludingtonpolecat.com.
“I Live to Fish... and I fish to live”- Capt. Doug Strzynski


New Bentley Fishing bobbbers are in stock. Check our new selection of hand crafted fishing spring bobbers and weighted panfishing floats.

New Bentley Bobbers Model 6363 spring bobber Model 6374 - weighted panfishing bobber Model 6359 wide body spring bobber


New arrival - wide body hand crafted spring bobbers. Click here for more info.....


New fishing bobbers coming soon for North American market. Bentley fishing team is working continuously on new fishing float designs. BFUSA is in the process of reinventing bobber fishing in North America. Flexibility in our fishing floats design allows our bobbers to adopt and evolve to effectively catch more fish with minimum complexity in rigging combined with exceptional strike visibility.
We at Bentley Fishing USA have continually established ourselves as America’s leader in sport fishing bobber design and manufacturing.

With this in mind, our team will pioneer more brand new fishing floats as well as incorporate additional sizes of bobbers that have been already sold to American anglers via our corporate web fishing outlet.



New arrival - weighted panfishing slip bobber. Click here for more info.....


Ice Fishing Team Poland - Srebro Polskiej druzyny podlodowej !!!!!!!!

Silver Medal for Polish Ice Fishing Team at 2010 World Ice Fishing Championship.

Bronze medal for individual ice fishing anglers – Tomasz Nysztal – Ice Team Poland

View gallery -Ice Team Poland

Special thanks to Relax Lures Poland
Frabill USA
Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA)
Jacek Gawlinski
Zbyszek "Zibi" Wojcik
Tadeusz Cwik “Glowatka”


Arrival of Polish National ice fishing team for 2010 World Championship
7 – 14 MARCH 2010

Piotr Stepniak
Piotr Kowalewski
Tomasz Nysztal
Rober Florczak
Andrzej Gorlewski
Dariusz Jankowski
Krzysztof Zakrzewski
Slawomir Zoladz

Bentley Fishing USA Jacek Gawlinski and Zbyszek (Zibi) Wojcik will assist Polish team with translation.

Tadeusz Cwik – “GLOWATKA” - News reporter - Well known Polish angler and host of Chicago land’s Polish speaking fishing and hunting radio show.


2010 NAIFC Team of the year

Ice Team Bentley Fishing USA / Team Relax Lures

Congratulations on Outstanding Achievement

We have proven the disbelievers wrong and accomplished what
most said was unattainable.

There is no doubt that our recent achievement will be
spoken of for some time to come. The admiration
for our Bumble Bee and Tarantula ice and panfishig jigs is felt by
sport fishing industry members as well as avid anglers who already experienced Bentley Fishing custom jigs in action.
Our heartiest congratulations for winning NAIFC Team of The Year award goes to out Pro staff remembers Jacek Gawlinski and Ziby Wojcik ( Team Bentley Fishing USA / Team Relax Lures)We do thank you for putting Bumble Bee and Tarantula jigs to the test. The test, which demonstrated their ability to become the top fishing jigs used in the North American ice fishing circuit.
Congratulations on outstanding achievement. Job well done!


New ground breaking Carp and Catfish bobbers by Bentley Fishing USA - coming Spring 2010

Read more about Bentley Fishing Carp bobber and see new product showcase pictures.


New for 2010!

World’s first fully customized long waggler bobber.

This new bobber is capable of flying though air like a dart allowing it to cast further and more accurately than any other bobber on the market. The body of the float is crafted from lightweight balsa wood and is stabilized by a rust-free brass weight. The top portion of the bobber is constructed from copolymer and finished with our excusive multitasking slot. The multitasking slot works as a work station that accepts special inserts supplied with the purchase. More info coming soon.


NAIFC season point standings for team Bentley Fishing USA

BFUSA team is on the way to become a team of the year with only one more ice fishing event left in the 2010 NAIFC series.
Job well done.


World Ice Fishing Championship in Rhinelander, WI

Bentley Fishing USA ( Expodex Corporation Poland) Jacek Gawlinski – BFUSA pro-staffer appointed by Polish embassy and PZW ( Polish national fishing association) as translator and guardian for Polish National Ice Fishing Team arriving in March for 7 th World Ice Fishing Championship in Rhinelander, WI.


Ice fishing tournament
Team Bentley Fishing USA
Jacek Gawlinski and Ziby Wojcik
4 th position at Hamlin Lake, MI
North American Ice Fishing Series Standings
BFUSA / Team Relax – Jacek Gawlinski and Ziby Wojcik
64 points in NAIFC Series Standings puts our team in position number one to become an ice fishing team of the year.
See complete tournament series standings at NAIFC


Team Spinninglocura Bentley Fishing USA teams up with Team Spinninglocura ESPANA.
Team Spinninglocura is one of the most prominent fishing team located in Spain (Europe)
It is a group of professional anglers dedicated to educate; test new fishing tackle gear and share their Spanish fishing adventures with North American and European anglers.

What it means to our site visitors?
More fishing pictures, more fishing articles, more fishing news from Western Europe.
TEAM ESPAÑA - Distributor of Relax Lures -Spain ( Relax Lures Distribucion EN Espana)




Ice Fishing Tournament.

Bentley Fishing Team did it again!

Sun, Jan 10, 2010
Richmond Lake, Aberdeen, SD

1 st place -gold
2 nd place-silver
3 rd place -bronze
4 th place
5 th place

Ziby and Jacek won 3 rd place in NAIFC (The North American Ice Fishing Circuit ) second pro ice fishing tournament of this season. Despite early problems with their quads – they quickly altered their fishing strategy and finished with bronze. Bentley Fishing Marmooska jigs used at the tournament by our pro staff team were BFUSA Bubble Bee ice jigs in sizes 2, 3 and 4. Colors that were succesfully used by Jacek and Ziby at the event were plain red, Red with stripes, black and plain burgundy.
See our winning ice fishing jig selection.

From left- Ziby Wojcik & Jacek Gawlinski- Bentley Fishing USA / Relax Lures Ice Fishing Pro Staff

Richmond Lake, Aberdeen, SD _jacek and Zibby accepting recognition for wining 3rd place at the NAIFC tournament. accepting recognition for wining 3rd place at the NAIFC tournament.

Richmond Lake, Aberdeen, SD - Jacek Gawlinski - BFUSA PRO STAFF - training  dayThis Saturday and Sunday. Sun, Jan 10, 2010
Richmond Lake, Aberdeen, SD

NAIFC- second pro ice fishing tournament of this season.

Jacek Gawlinski and Zibi Wojcik ( Bentley Fishing Pro Staff) are currently practicing at the lake. Temperatures are extreme. Fishing conditions are poor.
Good luck at the tournament.


Click on image to enlarge

4th Annual Chad Morgenthaler Bass Tournament

Bentley Fishing USA (Expodex Corporation) is proud to be a part of 4th Annual Chad Morgenthaler Bass Tournament to benefit Special Olympics Illinois Aug. 29 at Rend Lake in southern Illinois.

Please visit Special Olimpics Illinois for more information about this exceptional event.

Bentley Fishing USA 2009 vision statement

Our growing popularity among sport fishing anglers initiated our company to increase sport fishing gear selection. Our company is recognized as a leader in custom float fishing manufacturing. We are committed to provide sport-fishing anglers with the most innovative fishing gear available on the market.

Dear anglers, customers – to continually raise the bar on excellence, Bentley Fishing USA will implement new services for sport fishing anglers who utilize our tackle products.

Staring in June of 2009 our company will execute a new Preferred Angler Program Preferred Angler Program will allow for extra saving as well as increase your chances to win Bentley Fishing high quality sport fishing tackle. So with this in mind the more you buy the more you save.

Angler’s testimonials, product reviews will also be posted directly on our website.

March 12, 2009

Bentley Fishing USA became a proud sponsor for sport fishing forum Bluegill Talk. Fishing forum dedicated to bluegill fishing, crappie fishing and pure panfishing.

Our objective as a sport fishing company is to implement new and reinforced measures to minimize environment impact. It is our goal to create eco-friendly inventions that may be utilized by our future generations. We strongly believe that we are in the position to make the difference. Environmental impact at Expodex Corporation will continue to strive our company to implement new procedures in manufacturing cycle and future product design.

Jacob Kowalczyk, President, Expodex Corporation Poland.

Environmental Impact at Expodex Corporation

Distribution, trucking and courier activities

As a sport fishing manufacturer and distributor, we are beginning to partner with our shipping suppliers to reduce the environmental impact. In the US, we use EPA friendly carriers, where higher values for fuel economy and reduction of pollution meets the EPA's standards for trucking.

Conversion to fluorescent, natural lighting and more efficient heat systems:

Expodex Corporation is currently working on an energy reduction project for our manufacturing plant in Poland. We are preparing to make several recommended energy reduction projects including installation of energy efficient ventilation systems. We are also in the process of optimizing waste reduction and improving recycling.

The North America air paperless initiative focuses on minimizing and eventually eliminating the flow of physical documents between departments and regions (unless originals are required). In addition to enhancing productivity, this green initiative also provides branches the opportunity to positively impact the environment by reducing the amount of paper and toner used in processing shipments



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