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New Bentley Fishing Caterpillar Jigs Bentley Fishing Caterpillars. Limited run. Limited quanity. Russian Tungsten, European craftsmanship combined with hook - setting power of top quality Japanese fishing hooks. Bentley Caterpillars - click on image to enlarge! BFUSA Caterpillar custom jigs (click here or click on image to enlarge) are designed for everything from finesse ice fishing to aggressive fast diving jigging . Our Caterpillar marmooshka jigs are engineered to keep your bait in a natural feeding position combined with mimic movement action of swimming larva. In all …. you will experience fishing with an extremely effective weapon for hunting crappies, bluegills, perch and many other species of panfish.  
Caterpillar Swarovski jigs combine seductive motion, life-like appearance and reflective power of crystals for non-stop fishing action.
Changing the game of panfishing may be an overstatement in comparison to what we have built as Tarantula jigs, but we can certainly assure you that Bentley Caterpillar jigs will beef up your baits profile like no other jigs. Total Control! Control is at the core of the ultimate fishing experience. And the Caterpillar ice fishing/panfishing jigs makes sure you can have quicker, precise and more reliable hook sets.

It is truly a winning combo -cutting edge technology in fast diving + genuine Russian Tungsten & unbelievable life like action.Discover New Caterpillar jigs and become what many already experienced – become a better fisherman, a member of Bentley fishing family. 
Bentley Fishing Caterpillar jigs include an advanced weight to size ratio factor. The result is an extremely fast diving jig that drops to the designated fishing spot much quieter than any other ice jigs. At the same time its highly reflective genuine Swarovski crystals reflect UV light in all directions allowing the fish to follow and detect bait at all times. Caterpillar jigs are equipped with combination of red and white Swarovski crystals for increased color radiation - providing maximum visilility in murky waters and providing an ideal presentation for hard - hitting panfish. Tip it off with your favorite micro soft plastics, waxies, spikes and you are ready to tackle panfish like pros. Note: some models may be equipped with single or double crystals as well as " fake "eyes for increased strike effectivenes.

BFUSA G-hoppers jigs with Maruto Japan hooksBentley Fishing Caterpillar jigs are fitted with extremely sharp #12 & # 14 Maruto hooks from Japan for precise hook sets and balanced pulling action. Product FAQ: Length 5/8 in - Width 1/8 in - Weight 1.1 gram {0.04 oz - 1/25 oz} per single jig. Building Material - Russian Tungsten. Designed for sunfish, perch, bluegill and crappie fishing. Note: Silver jigs ( first two units represented on below package selection) are equipped with smaller #14 Maruto hooks. The length of two silver jigs is slightly smaller than remaining pieces combined in the 7 pack . The lengths of the silver jigs are 4/8 in - Width 1/8 in - Weight 1.0 gram {0.04 oz ~ 1.25 oz).

Bentley Fishing Caterpillar Jigs - 7 pack - click on image to view larger image ! 

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Ice fishing tip from Bentley Fishing USA
Danger ! Thin Ice ! – Be a survivor 

Common sense is your ally in preventing ice fishing accidents. Be sure to perform a check of the ice from the shore and systematic checks while on ice during your fishing time. Be a survivor- check your local general ice thickness guidelines and always have a plan of what to do in case you break though ice. Be safe and have fun ice fishing with Bentley fishing ice fishing tackle.

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