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Bentley Fishing USA is a trademark of Expodex Corporation - sport fishing manufacturer & distributor

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Number one panfishing jigs in America! Crystal pan fishing and ice fishing jigs are crafted from pure Wolfram (Tungsten). Tungsten has a melting point of 3410+/-20°C, boiling point of 5660°C. This metal has the highest melting point, lowest vapor pressure of the metals,restrain excellent corrosion resistance and contain colossal tensile strength. In conclusion, low vapor pressure, high melting point and corrosion resistance formulate Wolfram as extremely durable and environmentally friendly building block utilized in creation of our elite jigs.
The molecular structure of Tungsten holds one of the largest size to weight ratio of all metals. This factor allows our jigs to penetrate even the heaviest submerged waterweeds and drop the bait much quicker to the designated fishing spot. Our signature series jigs future high visibility environmentally friendly paints and varnishes featuring a large variety of Super Glow finishes and Genuine *Swarovski Crystals for increased Ice Team - Bentley Ice Jigs exposure to all pan fishing species. Custom signature series panfishing jigs by Bentley Fishing USA.
Genuine *Swarovski Crystals - offer increased color radiation for maximum visibility in murky waters.
Ability to dive much quicker to the designated fishing spot.
Engineered for all pan fishing and Ice fishing applications.
Largest size to weight ratio of all pan-fishing jigs.
Available super high visibility Glow in the dark color schemes.
Ability to penetrate submerged brush, grass and waterweeds.
Promote and ideal aggressive presentation for hard – hitting panfish.
Super-fast divers.
Stunning balance.
Extremely visible.
Impeccable design.
100 % original Product Of Russian Federation !
Designed for micro-panfishing, panfishing and professional ice fishing.
Design worthy of a gallery.
Equipped with Gamakatsu hooks for precise hook sets.
Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance.
Ready for ice fishing jigs and panfishing - featuring original Swarovski crystals. Superb quality - simply unmatched by any North American Ice fishing jigs manufactures. Bumble Bee Jigs by Bentley Fishing USA. Tournament Series Genuine Mormoosha Jigs. No imitation, no shameless copy – pure 100 % original Tungsten Mormoosha (Mormooska, Mormyszka) jigs. BFUSA unique crystal ice fishing pkg contains genuine 100 % Mormooska jigs made out of pure Wolfram (Tungsten) featuring original Swarovski Crystals. Without question, the greatest success of our ice fishing jigs is the ability to successfully attract fish. And as Bentley Fishing jigs are a collective work of our team, from designers and painters to ice tournament anglers; every factor is takes into attention in order to fabricate the highest quality ice fishing jigs on the market.

+The true origin of pro-series Bentley Marmoosha Jigs! Read more....

Bentley Fishing JIGS - product information update. The true origin of pro-series Bentley Marmoosha Jigs. Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) will no longer be obedient to the ongoing allegations posted on North American fishing forums by anglers who simply have no knowledge of our company’s ethical values. Below corporate message is intended to clear all skepticism that currently takse place along ice anglers of North America in regards to the true origin of our custom Svarowski crystalMarmoosha jigs.
Bentley ice ice fishing jigs - genuine product od Russia!Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) is privileged to announce that our sport fishing jigs sold under Bentley Bugs, Bentley Bumble Bee and Bentley Tarantula brand names are 100% percent of RUSSIAN origin. We are proud to announce that our company is the only firm based in North America that utilize name of Marmoosha JIG ( known throughout the World as genuine Ice jigs from RUSSIA ) in the most appropriate and professional manner. As mentioned in above selection, our product assortments are 100% genuine Marmoosha jigs.  Unlike many North American sport fishing companies, our company and our company’s manufacturing partners do not sell technology and design projects to CHINA. In order to protect interest of our company, our firms’ employees, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors- all Expodex Corporation ( BFUSA) manufacturing processes are closely guarded with an IRON FIST. The true manufacturing process of making genuine tungsten jigs by our supplier from Russia is also guarded with highest secrecy  and with no circumstances it would be sold to world’s other jigs manufacturers. Please be advised that ice jigs coming from suppliers located in other countries than RUSSIA are not considered as original Marmoosha jigs. Be fully advised of where do you purchase your marmoosha jigs and what sources will offer such product for sale.

Only Bentley Marmoosha jigs are fully certified as Genuine (Original) Russian Marmoosha Jigs and are only available at exclusive dealer locations in United States that are authorized to trade Bentley Jigs to North American anglers.  Be advised that jigs from countries like Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden or Scandinavia are not in any way manufactured with the same technology and raw material content signified in our selection of genuine original RUSSIAN military grade Tungsten jigs. We are the original suppliers of high grade RUSSIAN tungsten jigs for North American market. 
Nothing to hide- Bentley ice fishing mormooshka jigs - product of Russia!

In addition the process of manufacturing copies is exactly descried by one of North American ice anglers who posted his dishonest findings in regards to our closely guarded manufacturing process.
We quote “Those jigs and the "Bumble" jigs with the Swarovski crystals that everyone is raving about aren't solid tungsten. They're tungsten powder mixed with epoxy and poured into a mold with the hook inserted into the mold. Look at the hook and the eye, you can tell it's a solid hook. These jigs are only slightly denser than lead and not worth the extra $$$, for the obvious reason that they're not pure tungsten. They're tungsten powder mixed with epoxy glue” Expodex Corporation ( BFUSA) would like to comment on this corrupt allegation and point out that Tungsten ( Wolfram) powder mixes are not used in our production of jigs. We cannot provide any additional details on the production process of manufacturing our sport fishing jigs.
Bentley Fishing  jigs ARE crafted by the FINEST company in RUSSIA. A manufacturer with decades of expertise. A manufacturer whose entire designing team has spent decades working closely with Soviet and now Russian military designing projects involving high density metals fabrication. A true RUSIAN secret is NOT for SALE to anyone.

We are the source to the only and original WOLFRAM ( TUNGSTEN ) jigs in the North America.
Expodex Corporation  ( BFUSA) would like to point that our company does not subcontract, manufacture and use raw materials from any Asian countries including China.
We fully utilize Polish, Russian and US craftsmanship in designing and fabrication our sport fishing tackle selection.

Legal notice:
Expodex Corporation does not boycott in any way North American or any other World companies having business relationship involving manufacturing, export and import of ready to use sport fishing merchandise from China. The information in above selection is intended to clarify that Expodex Corporation’s sport fishing Marmoosha jigs or any other selection of sport fishing tackle represented in our product selection is not of Chinese origin.

Always a Cast Ahead
Bentley Fishing USA
Division of Expodex Corporation–Poland


+Bentley Custom Jigs - used by pro teams around the World ! Read more....

Bentley Jigs - endorsed by National Ice Fishing Team of PolandBuntley Fishing Bumble Bee Swarovski crystal jigs have been used and tested by Polish National Ice Team during 2010 World Ice Fishing Championships in USA. The team won silver medals respectfully captivating second position right after Ice Team USA. Bentley Bumble Bee jigs in size 1 and 2 were also successful in establishing secure place in 2010 North American Ice Fishing Circuit. Our custom marmoosha jigs were used by 2010 winning team of the 2010 Ice Team of the Year. Jacek Gawlinski and Zibby Wojcik – Team Fishmaniacs.

Bentley Fishing Tarantula jigs are endorsed by National Ice Fishing Team of Poland the 2010 ( USA ) & 2011 ( Kazakhstan ) Silver World Ice Fishing Medalists.

The next proving ground for Bentley Jigs will be – 2013 WORLD ICE FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS that will take place in the USA. Polish Ice Fishing Team – sponsored by FRABILL USA ( supplying Ice Team Poland with highest quality ice suits and winter fishing gear)  and key sponsor - RELAX LURES – Poland ( makers of legendary KOPYTO SHADS ) . More in news – coming soon. You can click here to view our news index, see pictures from last year’s Ice Fishing Championships, our fishing event, etc.


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