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201-17 Bass Fishing Slip Bobbers !

Bentley Fishing USA Expert 201-17 BASS Series bobbers delivers super sensitivity, so powerful and so different from any other floats on the market, that the way of your float fishing will be forever changed. Enter the world of Bentley Fishing Expert signature series professional bobbers. A world dedicated to the ultimate fishing experience and devotion to pure performance. Professional sport fishing bobber designed for pure Bass fishing. This bobber is crafted from super lightweight Argentinean balsa wood that offers strength and durability combined with optimum stability as well as enhanced bite sensitivity. Special Bass 201-17 futures our exclusive award - winning (SSF) Side-Slip-Float construction that allows for best possible control when fishing for Bass in great variations of water depths.

Discover Bentley Fishing 201-17 Slip Bobbers Click here to enlarge!

Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

201-17-030 / 5 1/2in

3.0 g - .10 oz


$ 2.25 Sold out
Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

201-17-060 / 6 1/4 in

6.0 g - .21 oz


$ 2.49


Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

201-17-080 / 7 in

8.0 g - .28 oz


$ 2.75 Sold out

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201-17 Actual size - click on image to enlarge.Spectacular attention to detail.
An absolute pinnacle of craftsmanship.
Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance.
Super visible environment friendly low VOC* paint scheme with water based varnish.

Engineered from super lightweight Argentinean balsa wood for superb buoyancy.

Offers best possible stability in live bait applications.
Intended to create a truly seamless fishing experience.
Premium visibility in daytime and low-light conditions.


Bentley Fishing Side Slip Floats! Rigging Methods201-17 Bentley Fishing bass slip bobbers are technologically engineered for fishing in extremely shallow waters.Shallow water bobber rigging method and standard slip bobber rigging method are shown below. Please note - no split shots are needed in shallow water float rigging.
201-17 - Float rigging method

Award - winning (SSF) Side-Slip-Float construction. Side-Slip-Float configuration allows for optimum control while fishing for predatory species in great variations of water depths. The main advantage of this revolutionary design is superb sensitivity and extreme ability to adapt to any float fishing techniques or weather conditions. SSF fishing rigging allows for safe and sound attachment of the bobber to the fishing line. By attaching top eyelet as well as bottom eyelet of the bobber we can be assured that our float will always be securely fasten to fishing line and indicate bites at the slightest line pull.

201-17 shallow water rigging method

Witness our supreme quality - experience number one fishing bobbers in America. Spectacular attention to detail, futuring low VOC paint with environment friendly water based varnish. Hand crafted to satisfy the most demanding sport fishing anglers. Be the first one to own Bentley Special Bass bobbers and start catching more fish.


*What Are Low VOC Paints.

Low VOC paints contain reduced levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which emit smog-producing pollutants into the air. Low VOC paints, stains and varnishes use water as a carrier instead of petroleum-based solvents. As such, the levels of harmful emissions are lower than solvent-borne surface coatings. These certified coatings also contain no, or very low levels, of heavy metals and formaldehyde. Low Voc paints reduces landfill, groundwater and ozone depleting contaminants.

Read technical data / view rigging method (PDF file)

When to use 201-17
- Pure Bass Fishing
- Choppy and open water
- Slip float fishing
- Waters with great variations in depth
- Slip float fishing
- Fishing in extremely shallow waters. View shallow rigging method ( PDF file )

Selecting Bentley Fishing custom floats!Remember every little detail counts.
Keep in mind that effective float fishing starts with solid understanding of what you do. In order for you to significantly improve your fish catching skills you have to be able to select right bobbers for your fishing style. In order to be successful in bobber fishing you have to follow simple rules.
  • Fish for panfish with small to medium size bobbers that will provide you with best sensitivity and strike indication.
  • Explore fishing with floats that have different body styles – weather changes consistently – increase of wind as well as size of the waves may affect your bobber fishing. Selecting proper body style of the bobber for such changes in fishing conditions may improve your ability to catch more fish.
  • Selecting bobber style and size should be determined by size of waves, wind strength, the depth of the water, shyness of fish, current, type of bait use and required casting distance.

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