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201-43 Carbon Composite Waggler Floats!

New Carbon - Composite waggler floats by Bentley Fishing USA

Black- Bold- and Beautiful – designed for fishing during windy days. Great for fishing in choppy waters. Ready to tackle large waves. Space age materials enclosed in one fish catching tool. 201-43 is constructed with combination of extremely dense super light weight Argentinean balsa wood, carbon composite steam and finished with harmless and durable environment friendly low VOC paints.
The top portion of the float is constructed with extremely sensitive carbon composite stem, which not only helps with stabilization of the float during rough and windy fishing conditions, but also acts as a super sensitive bite indicator. Exclusively designed to provide unbeatable bite sensitivity. Hand Crafted in Poland. Designed for Crappie, Perch fishing, Bass fishing, Match fishing.

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201-43-020 Hand crafted. Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance. Recommended for pure panfishing. Model 201-43-050 is recommended for Crappie, Perch fishing, Bass fishing, Match fishing. Offers best possible stability in turbulent waters.

Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

201-43-020 / 6 1/4 in

2.0 g - .07 oz


$ 2.49 SOLD OUT
Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

201-43-050 / 9 3/4 in

5.0 g - .18 oz


$ 2.99 SOLD OUT

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 Rigging method (technical data) for Bentley Fishing 201-43 custom carbon composite waggler bobbers.

When to use 201-43 carbon waggler
- Choppy and open water
- Slip float fishing
- Waters with great variations in depth.
- Model 201-43-020 in capacity of .07 oz is suited for panfishing.


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