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Bentley Fishing - Expert 204-08 ( Night/Day/Jigging/Slip Bobbers )

204-04 New Night Fishing ( Jigging ) bobber by BFUSABentley Fishing Side Slip bobbers are the most technologically advanced fishing floats on the market. Getting closer to what float fishing experience should feel like has never been more exciting.
The 204-08 float is not just an ordinary slip bobber. It is a complete package designed for slip fishing, fixed bobber fishing, day time fishing, and night fishing. The body of the float is made from hand selected super lightweight Argentinean balsa wood. This product is hand painted, handmade and quality assured in Poland.
Bentley custom 204-08 fishing bobbers bring you unrivaled flexibility in all types of bobber fishing, including highly adaptive Slip Side Design that is perfectly suited for jigging.
Discover best possible buoyancy, unmatched bites sensitivity, and increased visibility highlighted with superb night time fishing experience. Product designed and hand crafted in Poland.

204-08 Bentley Fishing night/day/jigging slip bobbers Click here for a closer view Click here for a closer view  
Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

204-08-100 / 6 1/4 in

10 g - .35 oz

Marine Blue

$ 3.25 SOLD OUT
Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

204-08-150 / 6 3/4 in

15 g - .53 oz

Marine Blue

$ 3.49 Sold Out

204-08-100 - Designed for perch, crappie, walleye and bass fishing.
204-08-150 - Designed for walleye, bass, catfish, pike fishing.

Did you know that 204-08 bobbers are capable of increasing your bait presentation? All original top to bottom slip bobbers are great for any type of float fishing. What makes Bentley Fishing Slip Slide bobbers unique is the ability to speedy return to its original standing position while tweaking or tapping the bobber with the line connected to the rod. This process is widely used by avid float and bobber anglers to bring life like presentation to their baits. The aspect of this is rather simple, the opening on the side of the bobber allows the fishing line to align with the angle of you incoming fishing line. Anytime you raise or lower your rod the line passage in the slip and slide bobbers allows the fishing line a smooth passage which in fact speeds up progression of raising and lowering you bait. Constant repetition of such movements increases lateral movements of your bait – making it more presentable to predatory fish.

Shipping & Handling: Flat $4.95 S&H for all orders below $50.00. FREE SHIPPING on BFUSA sport fishing products for orders of $ 50.00 or more. S&H specials are not applicable for international orders. For world wide freight forwarding contact our export department at sales@bentleyfishing.com or simply click on below shipping and handling icon for more info. Bentley Fishing USA fully complies with all U.S export control laws and regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law prohibited. For the complete list of countries with shipping embargoes click here.

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    • Premium visibility in daytime and low-light conditions.
    • Offers best possible stability.
    • Designed and engineered to the highest industry standards.
    • Produced with unrivaled attention to detail
    • Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance.
    • Super visible low VOC paint scheme with water based varnish.
    • Engineered from super lightweight Argentinean balsa wood for superb buoyancy.
    • Intended to create a truly seamless fishing experience.
  • Recommended for night fishing, day fishing, slip fishing and jigging.
  • Pike fishing.
  • Walleye fishing / walleye night fishing.
  • Catfishing.
  • Version 204-08-100 ( smaller version $ 3.79 ) – recommended for perch and bass fishing.
  • General night fishing.
  • Designed to work with Bentley fishing custom jigs ( Side Slip Design - perfect jigging bobber )
  • Ice fishing* see details located on the bottom portion of 204-08 home page.

Bentley Fishing - cutoms igs designed for bobber jigging with BFUSA Side Slip FloatsBFUSA 204-08 custom bobbers are perfectly suited for jigging. Explore our wide variety of pure Wolfram ( Tungsten ) panfishing jigs that are a perfect match for our side slip bobbers. Click here to discover Bentley Fishing Bumble Bee Jigs.

Special note; Chemical Night Sticks - Bentley Night Fishing Bobbers.
Please note that nightsticks used for above bobber selection are not available for purchase thought our corporate website. The chemical night fishing stick that fits above Bentley Fishing Bobbers are available for purchase at all North American sport fishing shops and bait shops. A standard size chemical light is used for all Bentley Fishing night bobbers and floats (size: 4.5 mm in diameter). In addition Bentley Fishing USA ( Expodex Corporation ) does not manufacture chemical night sticks. Products exclusively made or subcontracted by BFUSA are available for purchase though our manufacturing sport fishing website. Chemical night sticks are not a part of our production line.

View other Bentley Fishing custom bobbers featuring Side Slip Design. Simply click on links provided in below sport fishing tackle selection and explore our extensive selection of custom hand crafted fishing floats and bobbers.

  • 204-40 - Night / Day Jigging bobbers ( size small {6 gr}, medium {10 gr}and large {12 gr} ).
  • 204-01 - Custom side slip bobbers - color (green). Available in 3 sizes.
  • 204-29 - Night and day jigging bobbers - color (black). Available in 2 sizes.
  • 204-30 - Side Slip jigging bobbers - (color black). Aailable in 2 sizes. Small size is recommended for ice fishing.
  • 204-37 - Side slip bobbers - (color blue). Available in 3 sizes.

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