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Bentley Fishing Grubs - New Soft Plastic Grubs

NEW ! Bentley Fishing Furry Grubs. Proven – Tested – Irresistible to Fish!
Bentley Furry Grubs. Industry - leading fishing grubs - exclusively from Bentley Fishing USA. Designed for crappie, bass, perch, pike and walleye fishing.

Welcome to the world of optimum performance, where the showpiece in this new fishing experience is Bentley Fishing Grub. Bentley Fishing grubs are built with precision engineering that requires a four step assembly process. Our superior fishing grubs represent the finest recreation of life like swim action. Perfectly harmonized motion of aesthetically appealing feathers combined with signature- turbulent wave design applied into soft plastic bodies makes our new grubs irresistible to crappies, walleyes, bass, perch and Pike.

With each lure, soft plastic pigments and colors of feathers are finely tuned to provide best visibility for feeding fish. Bentley grubs are the outcome of years in research and development. The result is category- defined fishing action designed for the most demanding fishing anglers who insist on performance and increased ability to catch more fish.

Inside and out, every Bentley grub is designed to offer nothing less than the ultimate day of fishing. Signature-series Bentley Fishing grubs are the perfect choice for fishing crappies, bass, perch and walleyes.

Bentley Grubs are perfectly suited for vertical jigging. They also provide flawless bait presentation while fished with the use of well know jigging technique known as lift /drop/ pause.

Our Furry Grubs can be used with wide range of jigs and hooks. The most preferable sizes of jigs used by anglers who utilize our Bentley Grubs to hunt for fishing action are jig-heads that vary in size from 1⁄32 oz. to 1 oz.

Bentley Grubs come in eleven distinctive tournaments proven, fish catching colors including customary white glow in the dark grub that is incorporated as a free bonus in new 11 piece Bentley Grubs Professional Pack. BFUSA Grubs are extremely effective when fished plain. They can also be tipped with variety of other live baits including small minnows, worms, and leaches to improve hunting for Walleyes.

Experienced crappie anglers ! - rejuvenate your crappie fishing with new Bentley Grubs. Combine your jigging methods with one of our Bentley custom hand crafted slip bobbers, tip the bobber with Bentley grubs and you will experience what many fishing anglers call "a damn good day of crappie fishing". Voted # 1 crappie fishing grubs.

Attention walleye anglers !
Bentley Fishing signature Furry Grubs have been extensively used by our Pro- Fishing Teams in Europe and North America delivering extremely deadly results in fishing for large Zanders (European walleyes) and North- American walleyes.

America’s most favorite soft plastic grubs.
Pro-Pack - 11 PCS Pro Series Bentley Furry Grubs
( 10 + 1 free Glow in the dark Bentley soft plastic Grub ) Made in USA.

Model Number Qty Color Price Add to the Cart

Item # BFG11



$ 2.49 SOLD OUT !

Bentely Furry Grubs

Bentley Fishing Grubs- color selection chart

Red / Chartreuse Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Red / White Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Dark Red / Orange Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Buble Gum / White Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Black / Chartreuse Tail
3/4 "
2 "
White / White Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Flourescent Orange / Chartreuse Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Blue / White Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Chartreuse Yellow / Chartreuse Tail
3/4 "
2 "
Pumpkin / White Tail
3/4 "
2 "

Pearl White / Chartreuse Tail
Glow in the Dark

3/4 "
2 "

Special note! - Individual Bentley Furry Grubs and color orders are welcome- for those who require large valume orders. For price quotes contact our office at this e-mail address - sales@bentleyfishing.com or simply call our USA office at area code 224-595-7763. Please specify model number, desired quantity, contact name and ( or ) telephone number at which our team can reach you.

Bentley Fishing Grubs facts:

Building material:
New generation - supper flexible molecularly enhanced soft plastic body.
Provides perfect lift, drop and life like swim action. 

Artificial feathers – polymer coated, aesthetically appealing- fish attracting colors.

Other useful facts:
- Bentley Furry grubs provide unbelievable tail action.
- Our fishing grubs are great for all predatory species of fish- especially crappies and walleyes.
- Bentley Grubs are ideal as a jig or spinnerbait traile

Anglers who purchased our soft plastic baits also viewed BFUSA selection of custom fishing bobbers.
Vast majority of Furry Grubs purchased directly from our corporate site was matched with BFUSA custom hand crafted bobbers. Combination of Bentley slip bobbers and Furry grubs provides one of the best ways in bait presentation especially when fished in great variations of water depth.

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