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Demon Lure Retriever - World patent PL 186644 

Demon-Pro-lure-retriever Revolutionary device to free hooked spinners and crankbaits.The most advanced lure retriever in the world! World’s first patented lure retriever that delivers real results. Save your favorite lures with Demon Lure Retriever!

Tired of loosing you valuable lures? Than get them back with revolutionary lure retriever - Demon - by Bentley Fishing USA. Bentley Fishing USA Demon Lure Retriever is the only device on the market that is capable of retrieving you fishing lures. This unique sport fishing tool is available for the first time to North American anglers. BFUSA -Demon Lure Retriever signifies one of the greatest innovations in sport fishing gear. With today’s high tech prized lures you can not afford to loose lure after lure. Retrieve your sport fishing spoons, spinners and baits with Bentley Fishing USA lure retriever and save hundred of dollars. Demon Lure Retriever snaps over your fishing line and slides down to your lure. It locks over your lure’s snap swivel allowing for safe and trouble free recovery of your lure. With just a few painless steps - Demon will bring you back your lost lure. Grow to be a better angler by fishing around submerged structures and heavy vegetation – become more confident without the fear of loosing your perfect lure. No cutting line – simply attach unit to your fishing line, send down to your bait - retrieve and …..voilà! -   save your money & and your baits. World Patent PL 186644 – product crafted and engineered in Poland.  


Here is how to order

Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

Demon B-120 / 120 g

120 g - 4.5 oz

as shown

$ 29.99 SOLD OUT!
Model Number / Size Weight Color Price Add to the Cart

Demon A-170 / 170 g

170 g - 6.5 oz

as shown

$ 34.99 SOLD OUT!

Shipping & Handling: Flat $4.95 S&H for all orders below $50.00. FREE SHIPPING on BFUSA sport fishing products for orders of $ 50.00 or more. S&H specials are not applicable for international orders. For world wide freight forwarding contact our export department at sales@bentleyfishing.com or simply click on below shipping and handling icon for more info. Bentley Fishing USA fully complies with all U.S export control laws and regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law prohibited. For the complete list of countries with shipping embargoes click here.

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* Designed for medium to large size fishing lures, spinners and spoons and crank baits.
* Perfectly suited for heavy duty pulls.
* Faster drop speed
* Allows using greater force to push back on your lure.
* Cuts thought heavy underwater vegetation.

* Designed for small to medium size fishing lures, spinners and spoons and crank baits.

Demon’s characteristics:

-Unique patented design (World PATENT PL 186644 )
-Clever and simple design
-Easy to use
-Saves you money
-Retrieves your favorite lures
-Extremely durable construction
-Works 100% of the time
-Field-tested on European and North American waters

You are on your way to retrieving that missing lure

Demon Lure Retriever

DEMON lure retriever – the first and only patented device that will pull, free and NOT scratch any of your hooked lures.

Our revolutionary sport fishing tool is specifically designed to self attach to any swivel base leader with at least ¾ inches in length and free your favorite lure from any underwater snags, logs, weeds and rocks.

Demons radical design allows for a contact free attachment with the body of your fishing lure. This unique capability will save your lures from any unnecessary paint scuffs and keeps the body of the lure intact for future use.

Here is what press thinks about Bentley Fishing lures retrievers;
“The Demon from Bentley Fishing is a weighted catch designed to fit over a swivel snap on the plug. The device jumps over the snap like it has eyes, locks on to the snap and you can then pull the plug free with the heavy cord attached to the retriever. The device will not work if you don't use a snap swivel, or if the swivel is smaller than ¾ inch long, unfortunately, but if you don't mind this extra bit of hardware on your plug, the Demon works every time; bentleyfishing.com.” Article by  Frank Sargeant  -  Editor at THE FISHING WIRE, Senior Writer at B.A.S.S., Outdoors Editor at Huntsville Times.
Click here to read complete story on pro series lure retrievers “Back from the depths: Lure retrievers save anglers cash”

Demon FAQQuestions asked by anglers about Demon lure retriever.

Question: I fish with lures that are 7 grams ( ¼ oz ) to 30 grams ( 1 oz ) – which version of lure retriever will be best matched to free my lures. John S. WI

Answer; Version B – 120 grams 4.5 oz is suited for this task. Demon B 120 is designed to handle pulling our lures of this size.

Question: What is the difference between lure retriever A and B – is it just the weight? Joseph B. MI

Answer; Correct, the difference between lure retriever A and B is capacity (weight). What makes these to models stand apart is the weight – that in fact in some occasions creates a huge difference when your lure retriever dives down to your lure though heavy underwater vegetation. The 170 grams edition allows you to hit the bait with greater force in case if the lure needs to be pushed back from its hook set.

Directions: Here's how it works:

Note: For proper retriever's work use a swivel with a snap at least 20 mm (3/4 inch) long.

1. After your lure is hooked, take the fishing line in your hand and stretch it slightly.
2. Place the lure retriever on the fishing line through the slit at the right side of the device.
3. Elevate your fishing rod slowly and tighten the fishing line.
4. Cast down the lure retriever into the water attached to your fishing line.
5. Your lure retriever will dive down to the swivel and lock it in place.
6. Pull the retriever's line. Remember to maintain a strong hold on your retriever’s line at all times. The spearhead of your hook will fold back and your lure will be freed.
7. After retrieving your lure, always check the condition of the end of your fishing line.

Make a new knot if necessary.


Demon Lure Retriever - Videos

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