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Relax Soft Plastic Baits - Relax Lures - Home of The Kopyto Shad.

European mastermind, worldwide renowned American craftsmanship- an ideal blend of perfect harmony. Such accord is represented in each and every lure crafted by RELAX engineers. A perfect harmony of superb quality, world-class dependability and cutting edge innovations. The Best of Soft Lures - Relax Lures


What is Kopyto Shad ?

Kopyto Shads are considered as the most effective soft plastic lures ever invented.
1999 Gold medal winner at the prestigious sport fishing industry Expo in Poland.

Kopyto Shad was invented by Relax Lures founder and well-known walleye fisherman Witold (Victor) Kowalczyk in early 1990’s in the country of Poland. His vision of ideal bait was articulated with the lure that was entirely groundbreaking and delivered deadly punch when it comes to spin fishing for predatory fish. Invention of Kopyto Shads was an absolute sensation on the East European sport fishing market, quickly spreading to all neighboring countries and continents.

Kopyto Shads represent a technological marvel that allows anglers around the world experience pure spin fishing sensation just the way it was meant to be. Aggressive, adrenaline pumping and super effective.

Fishing with Kopyto shads lets you experience connectivity with nature. Ii is an experience so real you may just pinch yourself. It is a revolutionary soft plastic lure precisely tailored to your fishing style. Whether you are an aggressive angler who enjoys trolling, quick casting and retrieving, or maybe your technique evolves much slower speeds like fishing on the drop or jigging close to the bottom, Kopyto Shads will always adopt to you specific fishing technique. Click on image to enlarge

This lure is crafted to outperform any other plastic lures on the market. Cast after cast will awaken its pure technological innovation. Kopyto Shads are engineered to a new exiting level of performance in sport fishing lures. From its fantastic fish attracting tail action to a precisely contoured body angles, Relax Kopyto Shads redefines traditional limitations in lure designs

Kopyto shads will completely change the way you fish. And that’s just a beginning; with technological innovations, Relax Kopyto Shads attract more fish, provides perfect bait presentation in all fishing conditions and water coloration. With the most extensive array of color combinations among all soft baits fishing manufactures and wide range in finishing styles starting with laminated shads to printed shads we guarantee you will find a perfect match for your trophy fish.

Brace yourself; awaken your mind to a technological innovation in sport fishing industry.
Prepare for a whole new level of excitement. Experience the best of soft lures- RELAX LURES.

RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (small sizes) are deadly for Perch soft bait fishing.
RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (medium sizes) are designed for Walleye and Bass soft plastic fishing
RELAX KOPYTO SHADS (large sizes) are perfect for Pike, Musky and other predatory fish. They have been also used in deep-sea fishing, commonly used in fishing Baltic Sea as well as hunting big fish in frigid waters of Russia.


NEW !Relax Lures sport fishing Blog

Read our latest sport fishing news; discover our new sport fishing gear; uncover fishing angler’s questions, reviews and comments. Explore our latest innovations in soft plastic lures in our Relax Blog

See Relax -Kopyto in action



New! New! New!
Revolutionary soft plastic frogs

Relax Lures brings you the finest soft plastic frog baits, specifically tailored to maximize your bass fishing experience. Together with unprecedented fish attracting action and stunning swim stroke, Relax frog lures deliver the full impact in top water bass fishing. Our soft plastic frogs are loaded with exclusive advancements in sport fishing tackle engineering available today. Spectacular live action of our soft plastic frogs will forever transform the way you fish.
The line between perception and reality has finally ended. New revolutionary bass fishing frogs are finally here.

Frogs designed by professionals for professionals. Frog baits crafted by the best manufacturer of soft lures- RELAX LURES.

Click on image to enlargeDesigned for Smallmouth Bass and PURE Largemouth Bass fishing.
Recommended for professional sport fishing tournaments as well as amateur bass fishing
Remarkable attention to detail.
Designed for professional by professionals.
Surpasses the standards of flawlessness.
Superior swim action. Deadly for fishing Nothern Pikes, Musky, large Catfish. Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance. Open architecture for flexibility and custom rigging.

The tendency to sit in a more upright position in the water allows it to be a perfect choice for choppy water conditions. Capable to generate accurate and long casts.
Truly evolutionary body structure - offers best possible stability in rough waters

Click on images to enlarge

Relax Lures rigging method - How to rig soft plastic shads.






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